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How Often Should I Update My Online Account Passwords?

A login screen asking for a username and a password.


Several factors influence when you should be changing your online passwords.

Keep your online presence secure by changing your online passwords in accordance with these guidelines.

Tech professionals and cyber security experts unanimously agree and recommend changing your online accounts passwords regularly. But how often is often enough and needed to ensure protection against cyber security threats? Let’s find out!

Create a Strong Password To Begin With

First and foremost, it is crucial to set up a strong password, to begin with. As many people tend to disregard this vital step, it is important to emphasize its purpose. Hence, you never know that the right combination of upper and lower case letters, characters, and numbers might be your best chance at keeping your account safe.

Change Regularly At Bi-Monthly Intervals

The best way to keep your accounts protected and passwords changing often is to do so at bi-monthly intervals. You can easily mark a date on your calendars or set up reminders every two months to change all of your passwords on that particular day.

Especially If You Suspect Unauthorized Access

Many of you must have gotten that scary email from Instagram notifying you about a request to reset your password. The scary part is when you realize that you aren’t behind this prompt as you are not resetting your password. Clearly indicating that someone else is trying to. Take it as the perfect time to change your password as unauthorized access is suspected.

After Coming In Contact With Malware

Many spam emails, malware, shortened URLs, and links make to our contacts daily. Firstly, it is rather better if you don’t indulge in these. However, if you do so by mistake – it is best to change your passwords, preferably from another device, right away. Malware and phishing software can take minutes to attack and hack your info.

After A Data Breach

If Target can suffer a data breach, so can you. It is absolutely crucial to change all of your passwords and log out from accounts if you have unfortunately suffered a data breach. No need to wait for the company involved to notify you if your information has been compromised. The best course of action is to stay alert and safe by your own means as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

Never wait to change your passwords unless it’s too late. Change your passwords regularly and stay cautious out there folks, the internet can be a menace sometimes.

Consumer Attorneys are here to work for individuals whose personal information may have become compromised through a data breach. If you are in a compromising position or know someone who is, please fill out the contact us form, and we will get back to you shortly.

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