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Legal packages to fix too much debt and bad credit

A person working on credit and debt.


We offer credit restoration

Start working on your debt and improving your credit score

Lots of consumers find themselves in a quagmire because of their inability to pay their bills. Defaulting on necessary monthly payments is one factor that makes your credit score drop — after all, your payment history accounts for 35% of your credit score.

Bad credit can cause potential lenders to consider you high-risk, which makes obtaining new lines of credit and other credit products very challenging. Financial institutions want to feel completely certain that you’ll make the necessary payments when they’re due.

Unfortunately, bad credit due to excessive debt is a lot like quicksand: Without the right kind of help, you could fall even deeper no matter how hard you struggle to escape.

What to do? Keep wallowing in financial despair?

No, thank you. Fortunately, the team at Consumer Attorneys offers legal packages that can help you restore your credit. The Leader Protection Package and the Individual Legal Protection Package can help you make your way to a place of financial comfort at last.

How our legal packages can help

If you’re swimming in so much debt that it’s damaged your credit, take a deep breath — it’s not the end of the world. It’s OK to need help to climb out of debt and restore your credit. Our legal packages can get you there.

Some benefits of subscribing to our legal packages include:

  • Insight into how to improve your credit health
  • Information on financial habits that can damage your credit score
  • Free consultation over the phone with any of our expert attorneys
  • A working step-by-step guide on how to gradually repay your existing debts
  • Regular monitoring of your credit score across the three main credit reporting agencies
  • Monthly assessments and breakdowns of your credit reports
  • Information on the law and your rights regarding debt collection

Sign up for either of our legal packages today for top-tier help in paying off your debts and restoring your credit. We’ll be happy to see you happy!

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