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Our new Individual Legal Protection Plan

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Another addition to our legal offerings

Use the Individual Legal Protection Plan to keep your information safe from identity theft, improve your credit score, and more!

Consumers are plagued by bad credit, identity theft, and credit errors, but that’s only a fraction of the challenges they face. Many of them are staring down the barrel of unfair debt collection practices while others are struggling with torrents of frustrating, spammy marketing messages.

As if these struggles aren’t enough, still others are in the dark as to what their background check reports mean. Many more are at sea when it comes to navigating the rigors of personal injury, class actions, and the law as it pertains to financing and repossession of automobiles.

These are annoying and stressful situations, to say the least. Thankfully, our new Individual Legal Protection Plan is here to save the day.

What our legal plans entail

Our Leader Protection Plan and Individual Legal Protection Plan are specifically targeted toward making the credit space a haven for our subscribers.

That means we’re eager to:

  • Walk beginners through the intricacies of the credit space
  • Stop identity theft in its tracks
  • Restore our subscribers’ credit by creating workable plans to help them repay debts and expunge errors from their credit reports

Our credit restoration services are swift and super-effective because we don’t delay. In the event of a negative response to a dispute letter that we send on your behalf, we take the credit bureau to court right away. Thanks to our status as a bonafide law firm as opposed to a mere credit restoration company, we can initiate action instantly instead of having to send multiple follow-up dispute letters.

But that’s not all. Our legal plans also cover:

  • Background check report analysis
  • Harassment from debt collectors
  • Spam harassment
  • Automobile laws
  • Personal injuries and class actions
  • Legal services   

Keep reading to learn more about the merits of our Individual Legal Protection Plan.    

Benefits of the Individual Legal Protection Plan

Our Individual Legal Protection Plan has proven to be the most robust legal protection plan available. In addition to all of the benefits offered in our Leader Protection Plan, the extra advantages featured in our Individual Legal Protection Plan include: 

  • A monthly analysis of your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion
  • A detailed explanation of your background check reports for both housing and employment
  • As a subscriber, you’ll enjoy peace of mind, thanks to protection from debt collector harassment
  • Protection against annoying, spammy telemarketing messages
  • Free legal consultations and other legal services in the event of personal injuries, class actions, and automobile-related incidents
  • Identity protection against thieves 

Sign up today for an Individual Legal Protection Plan for just $79.99 per month and get a legal plan that provides you with the protection, consultation, and analysis insights you need. 

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