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Tips for rental credit check success

Updated on 03.03.2023
tips for rental credit check success

Take these steps to prep for a rental credit check

Prepare for a credit check done when applying for rent with these tips.

When you apply to rent, landlords will definitely inquire into your credit. If your credit is in a terrible state, your chances of having your application approved are slim. But if your credit health is good, the odds are in your favor.

This post outlines tips for a successful credit check and how to portray your credit in the best light possible.

Let’s consider them.

1. Assess your credit and tie up loose ends

The prime tip for a rental credit success is to check your credit report. It reveals your actual credit health, gives you insight into what you should expect, and reveals possible inaccuracies in your credit check. You can obtain a credit report for all three major credit bureaus from Annual Credit

When you spot errors in your credit report, you can dispute them. This will prompt the credit reporting agencies to rectify the mistake within a reasonable timeframe. Consequently, your credit will be in better condition for a credit check.  

2. Show your creditworthiness

What exactly is a credit check about?

You guessed it! Money.

The second tip for rental credit check success is to show that money isn’t a problem. Landlords don’t want tenants who will default in rent payments, so you must show you have good financial standing.

Some ways to prove you are in a good financial situation are:

  • Showing your bank statements to your landlord
  • Showing previous rental payment record
  • Providing your utility payment history
  • Opting to pay your rent via deposit at the beginning of every month 

3. Scout for fairer options

When applying to rent, it doesn’t hurt to have a look around for potential landlords who are more welcoming. You might be lucky to run into reputable landlords who don’t bother so much about a prospective tenant’s financial standing before approving their application. 

Such landlords typically depend on their guts; if you check their boxes, you’re in luck. 

4. Get some support

Prepping for a successful rental credit check might need you to get some support. Due to the crucial nature of credit in finding a place to live, you need all the help you can get. Some forms of support are:

  • Written recommendations from former landlords or former and current employers. You can add their contact details to your rental application in case your potential landlord wants to confirm.
  • Guarantors who promise to pay the rent if you fail to. This comes in handy if it’s your first time renting a home or your credit history is shaky.
  • Roommates who will make the financial responsibility lighter    

5. Don’t get clever

Even if your credit history isn’t impressive, don’t attempt to cover it up by some uncomely means. If your potential landlord has some questions to ask, give candid answers instead of trying to pull a stunt. Address their concerns and show the steps you’ve taken to get to a better position. A not-so-pretty credit doesn’t entirely damage your chances of renting a home.

These tips for rental credit check success will boost your chances of getting your rent application approved. For more knowledge, find out how you can prepare yourself for a background check as a tenant.

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