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What are considered good credit scores?

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Credit scores have different rankings and meanings

What is considered a good credit score depends on the model used.

A credit score is a three-digit number that appropriately summarizes a consumer’s credit report and creditworthiness. It is a numerical representation of the statements in a credit report, as well as a reflection of how much risk a consumer represents.

A credit score is different from a credit report, but they are strongly connected.

Credit scores can be calculated using various models. However, Fair Isaac Corporation Score (FICO) and VantageScore are the preferred options.

Generally, credit scores range from 300-850.

What makes a good credit score?

This question can be answered from two perspectives. The first is from the general perspective of what credit score is deemed commendable. The second is from a strict perspective of what ranks as a “good” credit score. This will make sense shortly.

What makes a good credit score is strongly dependent on the credit scoring model used as there is no fixed number.


According to FICO, if a credit score ranges from 300-579, it is deemed to be “very poor.” It is a strong indicator to potential lenders that you represent a high risk. If your credit score ranges from 580-669, then it is considered “fair.” While it is below average, there is still a high chance of getting loans approved.

A score from 670-739 is a “good” credit score. It is a bit above average and deemed to be good by various lenders. Scores in the 740-799 bracket are “very good.” Such scores are well above average and speak well of your creditworthiness.

If your credit score lands in the 800-850 range, it ranks as “excellent” and means you are super-creditworthy. Your lenders rest assured that the credit products will be paid back on time.


According to VantageScore, a credit score is ranked as “very poor” if it ranges from 300-499. If it ranges from 500-600, then it is “poor.”

Scores from 601-660, are deemed to be “fair” while scores ranging from 661-780 are considered “good.” If the credit score hits anywhere from 781-850, then it ranks as “excellent.”

Now, we can answer the question of what makes a good credit score from the two perspectives mentioned above. 

From a strict perspective of what ranks as a “good” credit score, according to FICO, a good credit score is any score from 670-739. But, according to VantageScore, a good credit score is any score from 661-780.

From a general perspective of what’s commendable, a credit score of 670 and up is good, according to FICO. However, according to VantageScore, a credit score of 661 and up is good.

Good credit scores are important because they typically imply easier credit approval, lower interest rates, and favorable loan terms.

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