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Articles from Daniel C. Cohen

How long does bankruptcy stay on your credit report
Unveil the various types of bankruptcy and their profound impacts on personal finances. This guide will shed light on how they can redefine your financial scenario and your life.
Data Furnishers’ Mistakes Can Have Deadly Consequences
The great weight of the greed and financial power of Big Data frequently all point down to a single person who cannot possibly defend themselves against it: YOU.
How Credit Reporting Agencies Ruin People's Lives
However insidious, our current plague of wrongful consumer information is predictable and preventable. The apparent tragedy here is that the powers that be in our nation are aware of the problem but powerless to stop it.
Why Vietnamese US Citizens Are Vulnerable to Identity Theft and Background Report Errors
Many Vietnamese Americans share the same family and middle names, which can lead to confusion and errors in official records.
Shipt Uses Checkr For Employee Background Checks
Despite the importance of background checks in the hiring process, background check software systems like Checkr are not without their flaws
Pushed to the Edge for Profit
Corporations like Experian, TransUnion, and in this case, Equifax, have allowed for a large percentage of lives to be destroyed by their lax practices, calling it the price of doing business
The Bellwether of an Ailing Nation
Innocent people are often reclassified as criminals, deadbeats, and worse because of unmonitored computer errors that happen with painful regularity.
The USPS Uses GIS For HR, Causing SNAFUs
While GIS software can be a useful tool for conducting background checks, there are potential risks associated with its use
The CRA Circle of Sharks
Though her credit and housing history were solid, the nightmare of an incorrect consumer reporting agency background check fell on her out of nowhere
People who serve in the military have an increased risk of Identity theft and credit reporting errors
It is exactly the fact that they serve that makes them easier prey for ID thieves, hackers, and credit scams.
False OFAC Terrorist Watch List Alert on Your Credit Report?
The data that the three major credit reporting agencies (CRAs) and background check companies maintain, and their processes and procedures, mix innocent people with people whose names are on the SDN list, frequently causing them tremendous harm.
What's Worse Than a Plague?
More and more Americans are trying to dispute credit report mistakes every year, and the rising number of those dispute claims that are being dismissed or denied has been kept from the CFPB until recently.
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