What does it mean when you’re pre-qualified for a credit card?
Being pre-qualified for a credit card is taken from several factors related to your credit.
Scams and fraud targeting US military members
US military service members are targeted by scams specifically going for them
What does Postmates look for in a background check?
Postmates is interested in two parts of a background check.
How to add rent and utilities to your credit report
Rent and utilities are usually not reported for credit report purposes, so you'll have to find ways to get them on your report yourself.
What does Lyft look for in a background check?
Lyft checks several things when looking at your history.
How late can you be on a car payment or mortgage payment?
You have a grace period for late car or mortgage payments, but how long it is depends on several factors.
What does GrubHub look for in a background check?
Looking for a job with GrubHub? See what they're interested in when they do a background check.
Sent to Collections Without Notice
Sometimes, when a debt is overdue, the creditor sells your account to a collection agency. When that happens, the debt shows up on your credit report as a new collections account. It’s all legal. But it seems unfair. It will make getting new credit very difficult and can have even more serious consequences for years to come. Find out what to do!
What does DoorDash look for in a background check?
Discover what DoorDash looks for in their background checks.
A bill was sent to the wrong address and is now in collections: What do I do?
You can take several actions if a bill goes to the wrong address and ends up in collections.
What’s the difference between soft and hard credit checks?
Soft and hard credit checks have several important differences.
My medical bill got sent to collections after I paid it. What should I do?
If a paid medical bill goes to collections, you have options to fix the problem.
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