Is a 600 credit score good or bad?
A 600 credit score won't doom your chances at getting services, but it can be improved.
How to know if a government worker who’s contacting you is real or fake
There are several ways to quickly figure out if a government worker is actually an impostor
Is a 500 credit score good or bad?
A credit score of 500 is a bad thing that can lock you out of financial services.
States with the Most and Least Identity Theft
By examining states with the highest and lowest incidents of identity thefts, this article provides an overview of what makes an area appealing to identity thieves. If you’ve been the victim of identity theft, Consumer Attorneys has got you covered from coast to coast. From consultation to conclusion, you pay nothing out of pocket.
I filed for bankruptcy. How will this impact my credit score?
A bankruptcy will hit your credit report with negative effects, but it can be turned around.
How Many Times Can a Company Call You Before It's Harassment
Identify when debt collector calls become harassment and the steps you can take under legal frameworks. Consumer Attorneys can help You for free! Creditors hire third-party debt collectors to collect debts from consumers. The law imposes limits to when, how often, and where these debt collectors can call you. There are also limits to the substance of what they can say to you. Consumer Attorneys can help you determine if a debt collector has exceeded their limits.
How long do derogatory marks stay on your credit?
The length of a derogatory mark on a credit report depends on the type it is.
Does an eviction hurt your credit?
Eviction on your credit report? Understand the implications for your credit score and explore strategies to mitigate the impact. Consumer Attorneys guide! Evictions can indirectly harm your credit score.
What causes your credit score to drop?
Discover why your credit score might drop for no apparent reason. Learn about hidden factors affecting credit scores and how to manage them. Avoid these issues in order to get a good credit score.
Is an 800 credit score good or bad?
A credit score of 800 is considered not just a good score, but a great one. Here's why.
What do you do if you’re a victim of fraud? How do you protect yourself in the future?
As a fraud victim, you have several steps you can take right away to begin fixing the problem.
What are medical report credit agencies?
The medical industry has their own specialized credit reporting companies.
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