Solar Panel Fraud and Credit Reporting
some solar companies have engaged in deceptive practices over the years, and these practices can also affect your credit.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Tenant Screening Companies Put Speed Before Accuracy
Background checks for tenants are becoming outdated, especially since they do not report rental history.
Outdated Information on Your Credit Report: What To Do
While there are many types of inaccurate information that can be wrongly reported on a credit report, an especially infuriating kind is information that is obsolete.
Credit Karma and the IRS Think I’m Dead! What Next?
We work with clients affected by this issue all the time, constantly finding solutions to this problem and helping people correct it and move on with their lives
How to Calculate Wage and Overtime in New York
Working in New York can be challenging, but you know what makes it even more complicated? Trying to figure out how much you should be getting paid
The Effect of Biden’s Federal Pardon on Marijuana Drug Charges for a Background Check
A pardon is not the same as an expungement, which clears background reports of criminal charges. Even if your marijuana charges were pardoned, background checking services can still find out about them from online searches and news reports.
The Popularity of Airbnb weighed against Inflection Background Checks
Airbnb does use a verification process that includes Inflection background checks. This company has access to extensive criminal record databases, which other websites do not have. These host screens allow hosts and guests to weed out potentially dangerous situations before they arrive at their properties.
Why Your Credit Score Isn’t Actually Yours and Other Lies Consumer Reporting Companies Tell
Data and technology errors at consumer reporting companies expose just how little power consumers have over their personal information.
How an Equifax Coding Blunder Led to Millions of Incorrect Credit Scores Issued to Lenders
The tech tangle occurred as Equifax was transitioning to a new cloud infrastructure from March 6 to April 6.
Hyundai Capital America’s $19-Million Credit Reporting Catastrophe, Explained
Over the course of four years, Hyundai Capital America, a finance subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group, knowingly reported false, damaging information on its customers to credit bureaus.
What the FCRA is a Permissible Purpose?
In this series, the consumer protection fanatics at Consumer Attorneys define the viciously confusing stuff you need to know about consumer reporting and related issues.
How to Write a Dispute Letter to Credit Bureaus
It can be daunting to get started on writing a dispute letter, so use this guide as a resource as you work toward having your credit report corrected.
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