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What is CheckCare?

Background checks have become standard operating procedures for many industries throughout the world, including in the U.S. CheckCare, one of the most prominent services that provide comprehensive background check reports on a wide variety of individuals.

These reports can be used for a similarly wide variety of scenarios. One of the primary uses of CheckCare background check reports is verifying an individual’s identity and financial history. This financial history can verify checks and credit card information that companies can use to make decisions.

For instance, a credit card company may use CheckCare background check data to determine whether an applicant is high-risk or low-risk. Following this determination, they can decide what kind of interest rates to charge them and what limits to allow.

Of course, for this process to work effectively, the background check reports based on have to have a high degree of reliability. In our experience, this isn’t always the case. 

Errors on the CheckCare Background Check

You may be wondering why companies don’t do more to ascertain that the information on these reports is accurate. The simple answer is that it is simply not worth the hassle for them. In business terms, they get to close 100 clients based on the efficiency provided by these background check services.

Even if they unfairly reject 10 applicants in that process due to inaccurate information, they’re still gaining more than they’re losing. Plus, if they have to commit resources to verify the information, then the purpose of outsourcing this task becomes moot.

If the information on your background check is inaccurate, it can have some very serious practical consequences for you. Here are a few potential problems that mistakes on your background check can cause:

  • Loan application rejection or difficulty securing loan
  • Higher interest on almost all forms of credit, from credit cards to mortgages
  • Poor terms on loans
  • Disqualification from certain credit programs
  • Criminal and fraud charges

Needless to say, given the consequences, you would want to correct any error on your background check. Thankfully you have legal recourse in the matter. The FCRA, which offers regulatory requirements for the credit reporting industry, gives you certain rights.

Firstly, you must consent to any background check that is being conducted against you. This way, an error-filled report won’t go unnoticed. Secondly, you can ask for a copy of the report. Lastly, you can alert CheckCare of any faults in your background check report, and they have to fix it within 30 days. Failure to do so allows you to challenge them in court and sue them for damages.

Managing this process alone can be frustrating and anxiety-ridden. Here at Consumer Attorney, we offer free case reviews to advise you on your options and show you how we can help.

CheckCare Contact Information

Address: 8900 Greenway Commons Pl., #200
Louisville, Kentucky, 40220-4070
Phone Number: 800-473-1334

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