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Credit report lawyer: Brooklyn, NY

Welcome to Consumer Attorneys. This is where credit report lawyers seek justice for consumers in Brooklyn, NY, who are suffering from the aftermath of credit report errors. We view ourselves as strategic partners with our clients, and we remain on the cutting edge of issues that deal with not only credit report errors, but identity theft and background-check errors, as well.

We have a question for you: If you had to list your top three personal assets, what would they be? For most people, this would be a fairly easy task and would include things such as their home, financial investments, a 401(k), rare coins, a vintage automobile, etc. — things of obvious monetary value.

Rarely would one include their credit report on their list of assets. Most people just don’t think about it in terms of value, so it often gets overlooked or neglected. The thing is, your credit report is what determines your credit score.

When you ignore your credit report longer than you’ve been ignoring the dust on the mantel, all sorts of things can happen that can wreak havoc with your credit rating. These could include data entry errors that list a paid loan as being delinquent, credit card accounts that belong to someone else, or even identity theft — and these three examples just scratch the surface.

Check your credit report frequently

Whether you live in Brooklyn, NY, Dallas, TX, or Honolulu, HI, you should be checking your credit report frequently; you may find errors that shock you. Not only that, but checking your credit reports regularly allows you to remain constantly updated regarding the new data credit bureaus receive about you.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau highly recommends that consumers check their credit reports at least once a year, but in this age of identity theft, you should do it at least a few times annually. Catching signs of trouble early is your best defense.

We encourage you to go to, where you can obtain free copies of your credit reports. Scrutinize that information very carefully because your credit score, though not included in your credit report, is calculated based on information from your credit report.

As a side note, you can get your credit reports for free every week from the three major credit bureaus, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax, until the end of April 2022.

If you suspect you may be the victim of identity theft, if your dispute with a credit agency has generated few results, or if you have suffered a personal or professional loss due to credit report errors, our lawyers are available to help you. Take advantage of free case consultation. You can call us at +1 877-615-1725.

You shouldn’t have to fight credit reporting agencies

Many Brooklyn, NY, consumers may not realize how rampant credit report errors really are. The Federal Trade Commission states that one out of every five people in the U.S. have a minimum of one error on their credit reports. The question is: How might one or more errors affect your life? Credit report errors can greatly jeopardize your chances of obtaining that dream job or promotion, getting approval for loans, and being considered for tenancy. Errors and lowered credit scores could also contribute to banks denying you something as basic as opening a bank account, getting approved for car rental services, or getting a new credit or debit card.

Here’s something else many Brooklyn consumers may not be aware of: Dealing with credit reporting agencies can be an exercise in frustration since they have been known to occasionally mishandle or even ignore consumers’ disputes regarding errors on their reports. However, when clients have strong legal counsel representing them — like Consumer Attorneys — credit reporting agencies sit up and take notice.

When consumers file a dispute with credit reporting agencies, those agencies have 30 days to prove that the information they have is correct. If they can’t, they must remedy all known errors. Sometimes, credit reporting agencies automatically take sides with their information furnishers, even though they themselves could have been the ones to provide the flawed consumer data. This is irresponsible and does nothing to protect the rights of consumers in Brooklyn or anywhere else.

When agencies violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act and you’ve suffered personally or professionally due to credit report errors that went unresolved, you have the right to sue and receive financial compensation. Don’t think for a minute that these types of situations are rare. Case in point: Consumers across the country filed complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in record numbers in 2020. Sixty-three percent of those complaints — more than 280,000 — dealt with credit report issues specifically.

Credit report errors can include:

  • False delinquencies or accounts that don’t belong to the consumer, which could result in denial of credit
  • Personal demographic information that is misspelled, outdated, or belongs to another person
  • The same loan or mortgage listed more than once
  • Missing accounts that deal with a consumer’s credit, loans, and mortgages — the same types of accounts that determine a person’s creditworthiness
  • Credit accounts that are incorrectly listed as open, even after they were legitimately closed

The buck stops here

As a leading national consumer protection law firm, Consumer Attorneys’ 10+ years of experience has helped clients effectively and comprehensively deal with credit reporting misconduct. Consumer Attorneys, based in New York City, represents clients nationwide in state and federal courts. To date, our efforts have secured more than $100 million in monetary recoveries.

Identity theft/legal protection plans are your ace in the hole

It’s critically important to shield yourself from thieves who would think nothing of using your Social Security number, credit card numbers/offers, driver’s license number, medical insurance information, rewards account numbers, and other sought-after data for their own financial gain.

As of 2020, identity theft had affected more than 49 million people. Resolving identity theft issues and damaging credit report errors without legal representation can prove extremely time-consuming and overwhelmingly complex. Additionally, lack of legal counsel can often generate continued financial loss due to ineffective resolutions. With Consumer Attorneys at your back, you can breathe easy knowing you’re in the best legal hands possible.

Our identity theft and legal protection plans include identity monitoring, which continuously scans the dark web and other locations for suspicious activity. Also, credit monitoring constantly tracks the client’s credit report and profile, highlighting unusual activity that could be the first indicator that fraud has occurred and that action is required immediately.

Through Consumer Attorneys, our Brooklyn, NY, clients have 24/7 access to U.S.-based certified identity theft resolution specialists who help iron out identity theft issues and put proper safeguards in place to minimize future damage.

Take advantage of the identity theft/legal protection plan that best suits your needs. When you sign up for any plan, you’ll receive a three-bureau credit report and score as well as three-bureau credit monitoring with Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. 

Leader Protection Plan – $9.99/month

  • $1 million in identity theft insurance
  • Three-bureau credit score/credit monitoring and alerts
  • Dark web surveillance and alerts
  • Identity monitoring
  • High-risk transaction protection
  • Compromised credentials monitoring
  • Data recovery and device cleanup assistance
  • Home internet security restoration
  • Email health check

Individual Legal Protection Plan – $79.99/month
This plan includes all the benefits of our Leader Protection Plan plus:

  • Monthly credit report analysis and organizing any necessary dispute letters
  • Employment and housing background check report analysis
  • Debt collection and harassment protection
  • One-hour attorney phone consultation
  • Telemarketing/spam harassment protection
  • Class action support
  • And more!

As our client, we will never charge you any upfront or out-of-pocket fees because our lawyers earn compensation via financial recoveries. Consumer Attorneys will put you in touch with a legal team near you to assess your circumstances and advise you of your next move forward.

Contact our legal team now

Those in Brooklyn, NY, can connect with our legal team by:

  • Calling +1 877-615-1725 for immediate assistance and a free case consultation
  • Filling out our brief contact form or initiating a live chat to share any concerns
  • Reaching out to us at with any questions, at any time

When it comes to identity theft, credit report errors, and background check errors, justice is served thanks to our evidenced-based, expert-led, and solutions-driven strategies!

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