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Identity theft defense: Asbury Park, NJ

Identity theft and other forms of fraud aren't going away any time soon. It is a scourge upon U.S. consumers to the tune of one-third of American adults having experienced identity theft in one form or another. This, by the way, is more than twice the global average, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Winning the lottery averages about a 1 in 100 million chance; if only those were the same odds as becoming an identity theft victim in the U.S.

What many people may not know is that identity theft can also affect children, not just adults. Identity thieves consider children’s Social Security numbers and credit histories extra enticing since they offer clean slates. Shockingly, family members have been known to illegally use children’s Social Security numbers, as have school and medical personnel, foster agencies, kid camps, and others. Child identity theft may go undiscovered for years, during which time thieves can establish credit files and rack up debt that nobody pays. 

From out of the mayhem, we bring you good news

In spite of all the chaos in connection with identity theft, we have good news: Those in Asbury Park, NJ, have access to highly seasoned identity theft defense teams. At Consumer Attorneys, we turn fear and frustration into peace of mind. We encourage you to take the first step toward resolution by contacting our team for free case consultation and calling us at +1 877-615-1725 at any time.

On average, it can take up to 200 hours of personal time over a six-month period to undo identity theft damage without legal counsel and guidance. You don’t have to deal with this challenge on your own! Consumer Attorneys can connect you with an identity theft defense team near you in Asbury Park. It’s time to take the bull by the horns, and our legal professionals are ready to become your potent ally.

Based in New York City, Consumer Attorneys represents clients throughout the U.S. in state and federal courts. To date, our identity theft defense attorneys and other skilled lawyers have generated more than $100 million in financial recoveries.

Part of our successful track record concerns our pursuit of third-party liability. Consumers can sue third parties if those entities are found to have processed fraudulent transactions that resulted in harm or loss to an Asbury Park consumer. Third parties can include banks, merchants, employers, hospitals, creditors, and others who owe a “duty of care” to the identity theft victim(s).

Identity theft knows no limits

Computers are only one avenue perpetrators use to target their victims. Cybercriminals use their tech-savvy creativity to commit theft and fraud in all kinds of ways. Here are just a few ways consumers in Asbury Park, NJ, can find themselves victimized, whether through cybercrime activities or other means:

  • Government identity theft: Thieves used your Social Security number, passport, or driver’s license to apply for government benefits - locally or nationally - for unemployment, disability, food stamps, etc. If you’ve experienced this, it’s time to take legal action. Give us a call!
  • Scam identity theft: You received an email, call, text, or social media request regarding goods, services, or promises you believed were legitimate, but weren’t, and you offered up your personal information. You’re not alone. Call our legal team now. 
  • Financial identity theft: Someone has taken over your bank account or set up a new account in your name without your permission. Time is of the essence - we’re here to take your call.
  • Data breach identity theft: You received notification that your personal information was exposed in a data breach or other security incident. Don’t sit and wonder - our identity theft defense lawyers are here to help.
  • Medical identity theft: Your medical provider or insurance company notified you that someone other than you used your medical services. This could affect your ability to get critical medications, submit claims, or receive medical care. It is vital that you correct the situation quickly. We’ve got your back.
  • Criminal identity theft: You received a court summons or a visit from law enforcement with a warrant for your arrest, yet you did nothing wrong. Identity thieves can supply stolen personal information to law enforcement for use concerning an investigation or traffic violation. If the imposter doesn’t appear in court as ordered, a judge could issue an arrest warrant for the innocent person whose personal information was stolen. We can help.
  • Mortgage identity theft: Your home’s title is in someone’s name, but not your name. A criminal stole your identity - via phishing scams or stolen tax returns or bank records - and forged your deed or title documents in an attempt to sell your home or borrow against it. Protect yourself and your home. Call us.

These examples represent only a few ways identity theft can creep into your life.

Our legal protection plans are your shield of defense

The last thing you need is your Social Security number, credit card numbers/offers, driver’s license number, medical insurance information, reward account numbers, and other information to sit vulnerable to those who are willing to steal your finances for their own gain.

Consumer Attorneys’ identity theft and legal protection plans include identity monitoring, which continuously scans the dark web and other locations for suspicious activity. They also offer credit monitoring to regularly review the client’s credit report and profile, highlighting unusual activity that could be the first indicator that fraud has occurred and that action is required immediately.

We offer our Asbury Park, NJ, clients 24/7 access to U.S.-based certified identity theft resolution specialists who help diffuse identity theft issues and put proper safeguards in place to minimize future damage.

Take advantage of the identity theft/legal protection plan that best suits your needs. When you are signed up for any plan, you will receive a three-bureau credit report and score as well as three-bureau credit monitoring for Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Leader Protection Plan — $9.99/month

  • $1 million in identity theft insurance
  • Three-bureau credit score/credit monitoring and alerts
  • Dark web surveillance and alerts
  • Identity monitoring
  • High-risk transaction protection
  • Compromised credentials monitoring
  • Data recovery and device cleanup assistance
  • Home internet security restoration
  • Email health check

Individual Legal Protection Plan — $79.99/month
This plan includes all the benefits of our Leader Protection Plan plus:

  • Monthly credit report analysis and organizing any necessary dispute letters
  • Employment and housing background check report analysis
  • Debt collection and harassment protection
  • One-hour attorney phone consultation
  • Telemarketing/spam-harassment protection
  • Class action support
  • And more!

As our client, you will not pay any upfront or out-of-pocket fees. Our identity theft defense teams earn compensation through a contingency fee arrangement based on successfully representing their clients. Consumer Attorneys will put you in touch with legal professionals near you in Asbury Park who will assess your circumstances and advise you of your next move forward.

Let’s get your life back

Residents of Asbury, NJ, can connect with our legal team by:

  • Calling +1 877-615-1725 for immediate assistance and a free case consultation
  • Filling out our brief contact form or initiating a live chat to share any concerns
  • Reaching out to us at with any questions, at any time

Justice is served, thanks to our evidenced-based, expert-led, and solutions-driven strategies!   

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