Can you sue TeleCheck Services Inc. for Errors not Fixed?

You have an errors in a TeleCheck Services report

Errors in a TeleCheck Services report can cause your checks to be denied. See what you can do to fix these errors.

There are a plethora of check verification companies in the United States, and TeleCheck Services Inc. is one of them. TeleCheck assists retailers, financial institutions, and other entities by reducing their risks for fraud and other concerns that infiltrate monetary transactions. This includes the usage of checks.

TeleCheck collects information on you just like the three main credit report agencies, including Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. TeleCheck prepares consumer reports based on information obtained by creditors, auto finance companies, public records, credit card issuers, etc. The problem lies with inaccurate information that can seep in.

From lenders, insurance companies, and banks to utility companies, retail stores, and gaming casinos, there are many venues that accept personal checks. When they deny your checks, you can find yourself up against a number of challenges. Also, you may have checks that are bouncing, and you wonder why! Could it be inaccurate information on your consumer report by TeleCheck? If so, it's time to take action, and Consumer Attorneys can help!

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act is on Your Side!

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), TeleCheck and all other consumer reporting companies must provide a copy of the information in your report upon request. These reports, however, may contain detrimental information that would work against you if you were to apply for a home loan or car loan, request an extension of credit, apply for a rental property, and more! Incorrect criminal background information could also be on your TeleCheck consumer report. These types of errors are not uncommon!

If you believe your TeleCheck report contains harmful, false information, the issue needs to be repaired or adjusted quickly! If TeleCheck does not correct or remove errors on your consumer report in a timely or responsible manner in adherence to FCRA guidelines, you have the right to sue!

If you desire to contact TeleCheck:

  • Address: P.O. Box 6806 – Hagerstown, Maryland 21741-6806
  • Phone: 800-366-2425
  • Website:

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