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Criminal 411

An Introduction to Criminal 411

Criminal 411 is managed by 24/7 Background Check LLC. Criminal 411 has been serving its clients for over 14 years.

They provide screening solutions for all types of businesses and are located in Dallas, Texas. Their services are primarily used by employers to determine the risk potential of a candidate applying for a job.

What Information is Used by Criminal 411?

Criminal 411 uses the personal information of individuals from multiple sources to help their clients in terms of hiring, promotions, etc. They check the following information:

  • Education verification
  • Multi-jurisdiction criminal and sex offender database
  • SSN trace
  • County and statewide criminal record search
  • Civil record search
  • Federal criminal record search
  • International criminal record search
  • Motor vehicle report
  • Drug screening
  • And much more

What Should You Do If Your Screening Report by Criminal 411 is Inaccurate?

Any pre-employment screening agency such as Criminal 411 is bound to follow the FCRA. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) provides regulations and guidelines for background checks and screening reports. It states that if any information in a screening report is inaccurate, then it is the responsibility of the screening company to fix the errors within 30 days. The organization is also responsible to ensure that you are not denied a job based on a false report.

Moreover, the Act gives you the right to deny any background checks. The FCRA also makes it mandatory for the screening company to provide you a copy of the screening report along with a summary of rights under the FCRA. Once you get your copy, scan through it to check if all the information is correct. 

If any of your rights protected under the FCRA have been violated, you should reach out for legal support.

Criminal 411 Contact Information

Address: 10501 North Central Expressway, Suite 308

City: Dallas

State: Texas

Zip Code: 75231

Contact number: (214) 206-3565

Fax: (972) 284-0630



If you have been in a scenario where your dispute was not resolved within 30 days, you didn’t receive a copy of the screening report, or a background check was conducted without your consent, then you should take legal action against the screening agency.

Consumer Attorneys understand the frustration that results from inaccurate reports and to make matters easier for you, they provide free case reviews and do not charge anything until you win the case. You can reach out to them through their website or call them at (877) 615-1725.

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