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EZyCheck Background Screening System

While most of us may not think twice about them, background check reports have slowly become crucial to business infrastructure today. Prior to screening services like EZyCheck, companies and other organizations were in a tricky situation.

There was no efficient way to verify information provided by applicants and candidates. For most organizations, this meant taking the information provided by the individual at face value. Those who attempted to verify the information realized that doing so at a large scale was a huge drain on resources.

EZyCheck and other screening services offered a cost-effective way to handle the volume that most large corporations require. Not only that, they offered comprehensive reports that could be used for more than just pre-employment screening.

Background check reports could provide criminal, financial, educational and health history for millions of individuals, going back several years. This was too good an offer to be passed up. Despite the fact that background check reports have become an essential part of our lives, few people stop to consider if the reports are even accurate.

Errors on the EZyCheck Background Check

You would assume that companies would care if the background check reports they were receiving were faulty, but you’d be wrong in doing so. The reason why there is ambivalence in this regard is that the benefits currently outweigh the costs.

Sure, there are often mistakes in background check reports. However, as long as the error to accurate ratio is within acceptable margins, most companies wouldn’t have a problem with it. While it is understandable why they would behave this way, it is equally understandable why you would have a problem with it.

This becomes even clearer once you consider the potential downsides of an inaccurate background check report. For starters, there are professional consequences, such as not being able to secure a job or securing a job but being unable to climb the corporate ladder.

You have several financial implications to consider, such as having criminal records inaccurately displayed on your record. This would obviously not reflect well on your person, and your reputation may suffer as a result.

Finally, there are the financial aspects. Inaccurate credit history may result in higher insurance premiums or exorbitant interest fees on credit cards. The FCRA protects you from these by making your consent mandatory for any background check. You also get a copy of the report, and if you report an error, it must be fixed within 30 days. Failure to do so means you can take EZyCheck to court and sue for damages.

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