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Thank you for spending a moment with Consumer Attorneys! Have you discovered out-of-date, suspicious, or inaccurate information on your credit reports that has resulted in the lowering of your credit score? If so, a remedy must be initiated as quickly as possible. The repercussions of a lowered credit score can be staggering! You could be denied a mortgage or car loan, bypassed for a job position or promotion, and charged more for your homeowner's insurance premium.

All credit bureaus, including the three main credit report agencies - Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax - are operated by people. Human error can occur at any time, and those human errors could have your name on them.

Aside from human mistakes, fraud and identity theft can seep into your credit reports without you having a clue. In the meantime, your credit score could be taking a beating! 

At Consumer Attorneys, we have FCRA attorneys who serve the residents of New Jersey and tirelessly fight for their consumer rights, as outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In spite of all the errors one can encounter on a credit reports, whether nefarious or unintentional, our attorneys are dedicated to removing misinformation from credit reports.

Once a year, it is prudent to secure a free copy of your credit reports from each of the three credit reporting agencies. Carefully examine each report and make notations of any questionable entries. If you notice anything suspect, give our team a call at +1 877-615-1725

The FCRA exists to protect you

Applied federally, the FCRA is federal legislation that regulates the collection of credit information, as well as authorization for accessing credit reports. The FCRA is the consumers' shield against false, omitted, or inaccurate information in credit reports and is designed to protect consumers' privacy of information.

The logical question remains: “How can one's credit report become compromised?” Though not exhaustive, here is a brief summation of how your credit report and credit scores could become severely jeopardized:

  • Merged files: Similar or identical names can present problems with credit reports. A similar name can be merged into the wrong credit report with an identical or near-identical name.  Credit reporting agencies can make mistakes, but the fallout that negatively affects one's credit scores is objectionable. Since the issue needs to be remedied quickly, our FCRA attorneys can help! Interestingly, as many as 35% of merged files involve family members.
  • Identity theft: Identity theft is an enormous problem. If a thief were to steal your personal information, they would be intent on using your credit cards, bank accounts, and financial means to make unlawful cash advances, purchases, or secure loans in your name!

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America.  According to a recent identity fraud study by Javelin Strategy & Research, identity theft generated $16.9 billion in losses in 2019.

Many remember the 2017 catastrophe with Equifax. During the summer of 2017, 143 million American consumers had sensitive personal information exposed in a data breach. Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and other data became compromised.

A regular monitoring of one's credit reports and credit scores must be taken seriously.  If identity theft is suspected, one should:

  • File a police report. Some lenders, creditors, and debt collectors may require this.
  • Fill out an identity theft affidavit from the Federal Trade Commission at This would need to be submitted to all involved creditors.
  • Notify the credit reporting agencies to generate a credit freeze that would prevent anyone, including you, from opening up a new line of credit in your name. Transaction alerts with credit card issuers can also be established to provide additional security.

All this may feel very complex and convoluted, but take a deep breath. Consumer Attorneys can put you in touch with a specialized FCRA attorney in Arizona who would be highly skilled with this type of elaborate proceeding.

  • Unauthorized access: The FCRA strictly limits who has a legitimate reason to view your credit report. Legitimate searches are conducted by loan officers, a potential landlord, an employer, and others with your permission.  

However, if your credit report was accessed without your approval, your credit report may list an account with a company you do not recognize, nor authorized. Also, if someone has viewed your account who does not have a permissible business purpose, you must take action immediately! Any type of unauthorized access should be viewed as potential identity theft.

  • Inaccurate public records: Credit reporting agencies will frequently use independent agencies to search public records, and those independent agencies report back to the them. As one could expect, the more people involved means the more likely errors can occur.  

Reports can be inaccurate.They can be reported multiple times or they may not be updated as they should be. A bankruptcy, for example, that was discharged may not be reported as such.  

  • Stale debt or re-aged debt: Some debts are old enough to be considered stale. Usually, trade lines - credit accounts reported to credit bureaus - should drop off one's credit report around seven years after the initial delinquency. If any delinquent debt is still on your credit report that shouldn't be there, an FCRA attorney in Arizona can eliminate the impediments that are keeping the delinquent debt from being removed.
  • Re-aging debt: Shady creditors may take it upon themselves to alter the last payment date of the debtor's account to trick credit reporting agencies into thinking the last payment date is more recent than it actually is. No one wants a collection to remain on a credit report any longer than legally allowed.  

The statute of limitations period starts on the date of the first nonpayment or the date of the last activity. If you have discovered that a creditor has re-aged the original date of delinquency, you have the right to pursue a cause-of-action, as outlined by the FCRA and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. 

New Jersey, we're your potent legal allies!

Attempting to remedy issues associated with false, missing, or misleading information in one's credit reports can feel daunting and very scary. The silver lining in all this, however, is the fact that residents of New Jersey know our legal professionals are readily available to dedicate their time and expertise toward remedies that generate real results.

Legal representation is critical to ensure clients' rights are being protected under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Our FCRA attorneys are here to help New Jersey residents achieve desired outcomes, which can include our attorneys securing financial compensation, when applicable.  

Having a powerful legal advocate on your side who will fight for your consumer rights, hold entities accountable, and remedy financial damages provides consumers peace of mind, and that is priceless!  Our FCRA attorneys help those in New Jersey get their credit scores and lives back! 

We encourage you to visit to secure your free credit reports. If any information looks unfamiliar or questionable, give us a call at +1 877-615-1725

A New Jersey-based FCRA attorney will assess your situation as part of a free case review. You can also take advantage of a free credit report analysis. If your circumstances entitle you to financial damages, we will inform you!

Our success is your gain

As a leading national consumer protection law firm, Consumer Attorneys offers New Jersey residents more than a decade of consumer protection experience. In addition to addressing unwarranted, damaging credit report information, we offer our clients skilled legal counsel when dealing with debt collectors and background check businesses who may have willfully violated the FCRA. Our attorneys' efforts have secured more than $100 million in monetary recoveries for our clients.

From Arizona to Florida and New York, our teams of FCRA attorney help consumers restore their good names, reputations, and credit standings that may have been negatively impacted by one or more parties' actions. Consumer Attorneys represents the interests of consumers nationwide in state and federal courts.

Consumer Attorneys is featured in a variety of prominent media outlets including Super Lawyers, Consumer Reports, Bankrate, The New York Times, Daily News, Reuters, and Law Street. Super Lawyers has a long-standing reputation for excellence and includes only qualified lawyers who have been chosen from a select pool of candidates who have been peer-reviewed and independently researched.

It's also important to know that if your case is accepted, you will pay no out-of-pocket fees. Our FCRA attorneys only receive a fee if they win on your behalf!

It's time to breathe easy again. Give us a call!

If your credit reports include damaging errors or if your errors have not been rectified after a proper dispute or other measures, call Consumer Attorneys immediately! Our neighbors in New Jersey can connect with our legal team in various ways:

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