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First American Financial Corporation

What is the First American Financial Corporation?

It is the standard business practice to collect the best possible information before making a decision. This evidence and data-based approach to business helps to reduce risk and improves the chances of success. While all businesses engage in risk assessment and mitigation in one way or the other, financial service providers do so with greater emphasis.

This makes sense, too, since the entire business model for such a business revolves around making determinations of risk levels and comparing them to rewards. For financial service providers, access to good data is what drives the whole risk assessment process.

This data is often not available internally and needs to be sourced. This is where credit reporting agencies like the First American Financial Corporation come in. The First American Financial Corporation offers background checks and financial history reports on individuals applying for a mortgage.

Mortgage providers can use these reports to determine the risk levels for each applicant and make lending decisions accordingly. 

Services Offered by the First American Financial Corporation

The First American Financial Corporation offers a comprehensive suite of services to its clients. While our focus is primarily on background checks and other screening services, these are not the only services that the First American Financial Corporation has to offer. The credit reporting agency largely deals in mortgage solutions such as loss mitigation, fraud and verification services, and property valuations, among other things.

Errors on the First American Financial Corporation

A background check is supposed to be a supporting document for the lender, based on which they determine whether or not you qualify for the loan. We all know and appreciate that loans are quite tricky to get approved for sometimes and that receiving one can lead to significant improvements in one’s life.

If your loan application gets rejected based on a background check that contains inaccurate data, you may feel cheated. Don’t worry, though! It is not as if you won’t find out. This is thanks to the FCRA – the federal credit reporting act. This act requires that each time a background check is conducted on you, it is done so after your express consent.

Knowing that the check is being carried out can allow you to request a copy of the report for yourself. The reporting agency is required to share this with you. Once you have access to the report yourself, you can see if any mistakes could lead to the application being rejected.

If the report contains significant errors, you can request revisions. If the agency does not comply within 30 days, you have grounds for legal action. Find out exactly how you can approach this problem by letting our team at Consumer Attorneys review your case at no cost to you.

First American Financial Corporation Contact Information

Here are the contact details for First American Financial Corporation:

Legal Name: First American Financial Corporation
Address: First American Way, Santa Ana
California, 92707
Phone: 800-854-3643

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