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Welcome to Consumer Attorneys! Chances are you’re here because you or a family member have been victimized by some type of identity theft. If so, you couldn't be in better hands. Consumer Attorneys' home base is New York City, but our identity theft lawyer teams serve consumers in New Jersey, as well as other locations nationwide in state and federal courts.

Though it’s no consolation to know that you’re not alone in your plight, you may be interested in a few statistics surrounding identity theft in the U.S. A whopping 33% of Americans have experienced some sort of identity theft, and 20% of that cohort have experienced it two or more times.

No one in New Jersey — or anywhere — is safe from identity theft. In fact, any person with a Social Security number is a potential victim, even children. Children's Social Security numbers represent a clean slate, making it even more enticing for scammers to use it to apply for government benefits, open bank accounts and lines of credit, and apply for loans — and that's just the beginning.

Shockingly, one American falls prey to identity theft every two seconds, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. However, Consumer Attorneys is here to help you get your life back!

Why choose Consumer Attorneys?

Access to strong legal counsel in identity theft cases is vital, and having a leading national consumer protection law firm represent you makes it even better. As a top-tier law firm, we offer New Jersey residents more than a decade of consumer protection experience.

In addition to identity theft, our lawyers are passionate about protecting consumers from unethical debt collectors, shady background check businesses, and unprincipled credit reporting agencies. Our lawyers' efforts have secured more than $100 million in monetary recoveries for our clients.  

When identity theft is involved, we work to determine whether a third party can be held liable for our clients' losses. If an identity theft perpetrator is located, that person can be sued in both criminal and civil court. If a perpetrator cannot be found, other parties may be held liable, including banks, credit card companies, merchants, etc.

Our legal team will leave no stone unturned to hold offenders fully accountable for their actions and the damages they inflict. From Arizona to Florida to Illinois to New York, our qualified identity theft lawyers can help consumers restore their good names, their reputations, and any credit standings that identity thieves may have negatively impacted.

Consumer Attorneys is featured in a variety of distinguished media outlets: 

  • Super Lawyers 
  • Consumer Reports 
  • Bankrate 
  • The New York Times 
  • New York Daily News 
  • Reuters 
  • Law Street

Super Lawyers, for instance, has a long-standing reputation for excellence and employs only qualified lawyers chosen from a select pool of peer-reviewed and independently researched candidates.

Consumer Attorneys' expertise is New Jersey's most powerful legal ally!

Identity theft in New Jersey is rampant

There are numerous ways New Jersey residents can fall prey to identity theft:

Government identity theft: Your Social Security number, passport, or driver's license was used locally or nationally to apply for government benefits, such as unemployment, disability, food-stamps, etc.

Scam identity theft: You received an email, call, text, or social media request with information regarding goods or services you believed were legitimate but weren't, and you supplied the scammer with your personal information. 

Financial identity theft: Someone has taken over your bank account or set up a new account in your name without your permission. 

Data breach identity theft: You were notified that your personal information was exposed in a data breach or other security incident. 

Medical identity theft: You received notification from your medical provider or insurance company that your medical information was used by someone other than you. This could include prescriptions and a variety of health care services. Someone else has hold of your medical information, which could cause medical care providers to refuse to authorize critical prescriptions for you.

Criminal identity theft: You received a court summons or were informed by law enforcement that there is a warrant for your arrest, yet you did nothing wrong. Imposters provide stolen personal information to law enforcement during investigations or traffic violations. If the imposter is ordered to appear in court and doesn't show, authorities could issue an arrest warrant for an innocent party: you. 

Mortgage identity theft: Your home's title is in someone else's name, even while you are living in the home. A criminal steals your identity via phishing scams, stolen tax returns, or bank records and forges your deed or title documents in order to “sell” your home or borrow against it.

Once Consumer Attorneys accepts your case, our identity theft lawyers will work to recover financial losses and remedy other damages you have suffered because of it.

Rest easy with no out-of-pocket fees

To help our New Jersey identify theft clients experience the easiest legal journey, we do not charge any upfront or out-of-pocket fees. There are no fees unless we win! Our team will put you in touch with an identity theft lawyer near you in New Jersey to discuss your circumstances. Your case review will be cost-free and we will advise you on how to most effectively move forward.

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