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Insurance Services Office

What is Insurance Services Office?

Insurance Services Office or the ISO commenced operations in 1971. The company originally served the property and casualty insurance sector, but now its scope has widened immensely. 

You might think that the ISO is an insurance company. That's not true. The ISO is actually an advisory service for insurance companies. 

Insurance Services Office coincidentally shares the same acronym as the International Standards Organization. Bear in mind that these are two completely different entities with very different objectives. So don't confuse one with the other. 

What Information Does Insurance Services Office Check?

The ISO provides the necessary information to insurance companies so that they can realistically determine the risk posed by applicants. This information helps decide insurance rates and application approval.  

Do If Your Insurance Services Office Report Contains Errors?

Errors in your ISO information report may be detrimental to you. You can suffer serious damages from such errors as rejected applications, higher insurance rates and more. 

Have you found any errors in your ISO report? If yes, then under FCRA rules, you have the right to contest erroneous information and request the ISO to rectify it. As per rights granted to you under the FCRA, the ISO must correct errors within 30 days of your complaint. If the ISO cannot verify the information that was misrepresented, then it must remove this information. If the ISO does not rectify the report according to FCRA rules within the stipulated time frame, then you can consider filing a lawsuit against them. 

Errors in such reports are more common than what most people think. So you must always be vigilant and be careful about scrutinizing such reports for errors that could be highly damaging to you. 

Different errors are possible. Quite often, an applicant may be mistaken for someone with a very similar name. Or there can even be identity theft which is probably the worst-case scenario. So don't be caught off guard. Stay vigilant, scrutinize your report, complain immediately when you see an error, and most importantly, reach out to us for advice. 

Insurance Services Office Contact Information


545 Washington Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07310

Stephen C. Clarke, CPCU - Vice President
Government Relations
Phone: 201-469-2656

Visit the following for an office in your region.

If you have experienced any issues with background check errors associated with your Insurance Services Office report that have not been resolved within the promised resolution duration, reach out to Consumer Attorneys to rectify the situation! You can connect with our legal team in various ways:

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