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Most businesses recognize that there is an inherent risk in all their activity. This recognition allows them to plan for and mitigate this risk as much as possible. This is especially true of entities that provide financial services like banks and mortgage lenders.

Let’s talk about mortgages in particular. These are good examples of a complicated, long-term financial arrangement that can carry significant risks for the lender. This is why most mortgage lenders will verify the information provided by applicants via a third-party service.

These third-party services are generally credit reporting agencies. These agencies collect data on a large set of individuals and provide it in the form of background check reports to companies and institutions that require it.    

What is Interthinx?

Interthinx is one of the leading credit reporting agencies in the business. They provide fraud information to companies that require it to prevent mortgage and credit card fraud. They also provide criminal background checks to ensure that businesses are protected from all possible liabilities. A strong focus for these reporting agencies recently has been identity theft.

Identity theft can create lots of potential legal and financial problems while also skewing the results of background checks. This obviously poses a threat to both you and the reporting agency. Background checks are useless if they cannot be relied upon.

Furthermore, the financial information recorded during your identity theft may affect you for years to come if it isn’t rectified.

Services Provided by Interthinx

Interthinx provides various services to ensure that their clients have the best possible information to work with when trying to manage risk. These services include:

  • Risk Mitigation Services
  • Collateral Risk Solutions
  • Valuation Solutions
  • License Verification
  • Mortgage Fraud and Verification
  • Criminal Background Checks

Incorrect Information on Your Interthinx Background Check Report

There are two cases due to which incorrect information may be reported on your background check. The first is the likelier of the two – an honest mistake. Mistakes on screening reports aren’t unheard of. Unfortunately, even an honest mistake can wreak havoc on your opportunities if not corrected within time. This is why the FCRA requires that consent is required before any background check. The requirement to share the report with you paired with the consent means that you can ask the agency to correct any mistakes as soon as you see them. Failure to correct these within 30 days gives you grounds to take legal action.

The second case is more sinister – your identity has been stolen. Once again, thanks to the FCRA, you’ll know as soon as you see the report that there are several actions that you did not commit. In response to this, you can inform the agency and wait for them to take corrective action.

Both scenarios can be challenging to navigate, which is why it’s always nice to have specialists in your corner. Consult us today at no charge to know how to manage such a situation.

Interthinx Contact Information

Legal Name: Interthinx
Address: 30005 Ladyface Court, Agoura Hills
California, 91301
Phone Number: 818-878-2800
Fax: 818-878-2631

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