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National Student Clearinghouse

An Introduction to National Student Clearinghouse

National Student Clearinghouse was founded in 1993 by the higher education community. They are a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization. They are known as the leading provider of research services, educational reporting, data exchange, and verification. 

Their services offer benefits to employers, students, schools, universities, colleges, administrators, and so on. Employers use the services of National Student Clearinghouse to verify the claims made on resumes by potential employees.

Is the Data Shared by National Student Clearinghouse Impacting you?

Errors are commonly found in educational records and National Student Clearinghouse is no exception when it comes to accurate reporting. Any negligence on their end can bear heavy consequences on you such as jeopardizing your career. 

Employers use the information provided by National Student Clearinghouse to make decisions regarding hiring and promotions and so, if your data is misrepresented, you can easily lose a potential job. 

If you know that National Student Clearinghouse has made an error concerning your academic records, certifications, and/or any academic accomplishment, you have the right to take legal action against them for damaging your career.

Usually, the errors occur due to outdated databases, you can try reaching out to National Student Clearinghouse directly, to dispute the errors. If they are unable to assist you, you should go for legal help.

Take to Fix the Issues Caused by National Student Clearinghouse?

National Student Clearinghouse is liable to ensure that all the information reported by them is accurate. However, errors are quite common and you should notify them immediately if you see any errors in your education history. 

Usually, organizations like National Student Clearinghouse are quick to resolve any discrepancies in their records. However, if you are unable to receive assistance from them or if your career was harmed in any way, you have the option to take the organization to court to compensate you for the damages.

National Student Clearinghouse Contact Information

Address: 13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Ste. 300

City: Herndon

State: Virginia

Zip Code: 20171

Contact number: (703) 742-4200

Fax: (547) 544-7101


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