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An Introduction to OPENonline

OPENonline was founded in 1992 as a company that provides background checks, employment screening, and drug screening. In 2020, OPENonline was acquired by Universal Background Screening. 
OPENonline has a dedicated division for pre-employment screening called SelectHire. It lets their clients purchase screening reports that are relevant to them to help them make better decisions.

What is Checked in a Screening Report?

Screening reports tend to be detailed with a potential employee’s personal information. The screening agency collects information through your criminal records, driving records, employment history, international reports, social media, social security number, and much more. 

Are Errors Possible in a Screening Report?

Screening agencies like OPENonline process thousands of reports for their clients. Screening so many individuals can lead to errors in your reports. Any information that is misrepresented on your report can lead to a lost job and damage your future endeavors. 
Errors on your report can be corrected if you dispute it with OPENonline or any other consumer reporting agency. If your errors have not been corrected despite your dispute, you may be eligible to take legal action under the FCRA.
The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) also states that you must provide your consent if a background check is being conducted on you. You are entitled to receive a copy of your screening report from OPENonline. 

What Should you do?

Address: Post Office Box 5920
City: Scottsdale
State: Arizona
Zip Code: 85261
Contact number: (614) 481-6999
Fax: (614) 481-6980

If there are errors on your report, you should dispute it directly with OPENonline through the contact information above. If they fail to correct your errors within 30 days or any other right (protected under FCRA) is violated, you should seek professional help.

If you do not have a legal representative, we recommend trying out the services of Consumer Attorneys. They are well-versed with FCRA and how consumer reporting agencies work. The best thing is that they offer free case reviews and do not charge you anything until you win the case if you have a valid claim.

To see if you are eligible to fight for your rights, reach out to Consumer Attorneys through their website or call them at (877) 615-1725. You can also drop them an email at

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