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Real ID

What is Real ID?

Read ID is a background screening service that Sam Levin founded in 2005. The company performs background checks for various industries helping managers to make better hiring decisions. Read ID also screens tenants so that landlords can approve the most appropriate applicants for their rental property.

It provides expertise in healthcare screening, employment screening, resident screening, collections and government compliance. 

Real ID assists the healthcare sector by ensuring that entities comply with Medicare regulations, Healthcare Sanctions, Federal Exclusion, HIPAA and other guidelines. 

It performs thorough background screening of persons applying for employment so that HR can hire the lowest risk prospects and thus mitigate risk to their organizations.  

What Information Does Real ID Check?

Real ID checks for the following: 

  • Civil records
  • Bankruptcy search
  • Motor Vehicle search
  • Driver records
  • Credit checks (Equifax, Experian, Trans Union)
  • Criminal background checks
  • County court reports
  • National sex offender reports
  • Multicrim National Criminal Report
  • Address search
  • SSN validation 
  • People and address search
  • SSN Trace Detail
  • Bankruptcy search
  • Eviction Search
  • Enhance landlord search
  • Employment verification
  • Residence verification 

What Should You Do If Your Real ID Report Contains Errors?

If you find a Read ID report error, you have the right under FCRA to immediately notify the company about the issue and request them to rectify it. Read ID will have to correct or remove the false information within 30 days of your complaint. If they fail to do so, then you may have grounds for initiating court action. 

Real ID Contact Information

Address: 6444 N. Ridgeway Ave
Lincolnwood, IL 60712
Toll Free: (800) 342-7292
Direct: (847) 673-3077
Fax: (866) 973-7268 

Is your Real ID report error creating problems for you? Perhaps it hurt your job prospects or promotions. Or maybe you were denied insurance. A lot can go wrong with errors in your background report.

You should not suffer silently. It is not fair that you should be a victim of irresponsibility and suffer ensuing losses. If you experienced losses, we might help you file a lawsuit, win compensation, and get your rights.

If errors in your reports have not been removed or corrected in 30 days of your complaint, then without further hesitation, reach out to us in one of the following ways. 

  • Call +1 877-615-1725 for immediate assistance and a free case review.
  • Fill out our brief Contact Us form or initiate a live chat to share your concerns.

Reach out to us at with any questions.

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