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With databases that include information on criminal records, Social Security numbers, and employee, tenant, and financing reports, SentryLink offers background and credit report checks.  Employers use SentryLink when assessing a potential employee’s background information during the hiring process.

Were there errors on your SentryLink employee screening?

Sometimes, employee screening reports contain errors and may negatively impact candidates’ employment prospects. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), both employee screenings and credit reports are protected.

The law outlines protections, including:

  • Employee information provided in a screening report be accurate
  • Candidates must be notified by the employer if a job offer or promotion is denied based on information obtained in the employee screening report
  • Consumers may dispute false information that appears in an employee screening report

You can dispute errors with SentryLink in a number of ways:

  • Visit
  • Call (301)486-0862
  • Write a letter to SentryLink at 7500 Greenway Center Drive, Suite 1040, Greenbelt, Maryland 20770

You also will receive a free copy of the report when you file a dispute with SentryLink. After challenging or disputing your SentryLink employee screening, SentryLink will have 30 days to investigate and either correct errors or affirm their report.

Hire Consumer Attorneys 

Your rights under the FCRA state that potential employees may dispute any inaccurate or false information in employee screening reports. If you have previously attempted to have SentryLink correct reporting errors and false information still appears on your report, Consumer Attorneys may be able to help.  

Call (877) 615-1725, or fill out a form for a free case review.

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