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Shadow Trackers

What is Shadow Trackers?

Shadow Trackers provides employment and tenant screening services for businesses of all sizes and from any industry. 

The company was founded in 1992 and is currently under the leadership of Mike Kern who is the owner and the Chief Executive Officer. Their corporate office is located in Meridian, Ohio.

What Does Shadow Trackers do For Their Clients?

Shadow Trackers provide many services to their clients to help them assess the risk factor of applicants. The clients use the information provided by Shadow Trackers to assist them to filter out any risky candidates for a job or home.

The services they provide and the information they check is listed below:

  • National crime file database search
  • National sex offender registry
  • Global security watch list
  • Name and address history
  • Department of corrections
  • 7-year misdemeanor/felony search
  • Tenant screening
  • Drug testing
  • Nationwide motor vehicle reports
  • Federal search
  • Office of Inspector General (OIG)
  • Excluded persons (EPLS)
  • Employment verification and references
  • Education verification
  • Employment credit reports 
  • County criminal and civil record checks

They use the information above to create detailed reports for their clients. However, when you process so many things on so many individuals, there are high chances of errors!

Report from Shadow Trackers Contains Errors

If you find out that your screening report contains errors, you should contact Shadow Trackers immediately to get them corrected. You can contact them from the information below:

Address: 640 E. Franklin Rd
City: Meridian
State: Idaho
Zip Code: 83642
Contact number: (877) 895-0074
Fax: (208) 493-6648

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states that a consumer reporting agency must correct errors within 30 days. If you have been denied a job or home based on a screening report, you are entitled to receive a copy of your screening report along with a summary of your rights protected under the FCRA. Moreover, before running a background check, the company must have your authorization to do so.

What if Shadow Trackers did not Solve your Issue

If Shadow Trackers failed to resolve your dispute within 30 days, or any other violation of the FCRA has been made by the company, you have the right to take them to court. 

A false screening report is extremely damaging to your current and future applications. It also destroys your reputation and so, you need to get compensated for the damages inflicted by them.

If you have a lawyer, start your legal process right away. Otherwise, you should contact Consumer Attorneys via their website or call them at (877) 615-1725. They are experienced in dealing with such cases and offer free case reviews. 

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