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TransUnion Rental Screening

TransUnion Rental Screening is a consumer reporting agency that provides rental history information to landlords. TransUnion Rental Screening collects and reports information about your rental history, including any past evictions, judgments, or other negative marks on your record. It then sells this data to landlords in the form of a report that they can check before deciding whether or not to rent an apartment or house to you.

What Does My TransUnion Rental Screening Report Show?

TransUnion Rental Screening shows the following information:

  • All the previous addresses you have lived at
  • All the landlords you have rented from
  • All the utility accounts you have had, including phone numbers and dates of service (gas, electric, water).

List of all credit cards issued to you or in your name. Credit cards must be paid off for at least 24 months before applying for a rental home. The report will show if payments are made on time or past due according to credit card company records. It does not show account balances unless there is an outstanding balance owed.

TransUnion rental history

Most importantly, in the case of our client, this report also shows if you have any criminal records on your background. That can be a big issue if you have felony convictions or related charges that would exclude you from securing quality housing.

How to Check My Tenant Screening Report?

Always start by checking with the landlord you are trying to secure housing from. They can usually generate a report or send you a copy of what they received from TransUnion. If that does not work, request a copy from TransUnion itself. This is a recognized consumer reporting agency that must follow guidelines outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

You must have a method to repair any issues on your credit or criminal history checks. Otherwise, you will be subject to these errors for the rest of your life. Having a bad TransUnion rental report can have devastating effects on your future.

How to Dispute Errors on My TransUnion Screening Report?

If you find an error on your TransUnion Rental Screening report, it's important to dispute it right away. It's a good idea to get in touch with TransUnion and explain the issue before you submit your application. This gives them a chance to correct their mistakes before they send the report out.

You should contact TransUnion directly and ask for an explanation of the error, as well as any documentation that supports their claim. If the documentation does not support their claim or if they are unable to provide any documentation at all, then you can dispute this item. Never let a TransUnion rental screening dispute go unanswered. You cannot afford to deal with these errors in the long term.

Always maintain records of your interactions with TransUnion to ensure you can show evidence you have done all you can to repair this issue. While not required under law, it will undoubtedly help your case should legal proceedings move forward due to negligence on TransUnion’s part.

Can I Sue TransUnion Rental Screening for an Error on My Report?

Absolutely! TransUnion Rental Screening is no different from any other consumer reporting agency. They have a legal obligation to provide you with the information and details for repairing any errors.

We have sued TransUnion multiple times for incorrect reporting on our clients’ tenant screening reports. In one of our cases, our client was being confused with another client who had a lengthy criminal record. TransUnion was willfully choosing to be overly cautious and considered the completely other person they were issuing a TransUnion background check report on to be a pseudonym or alias of our client. In another case, our client was denied an apartment rental because their background check reported the same misdemeanor record 4 times, making it look like they had 4 criminal misdemeanor records instead of 1. These errors were a direct cause of negligence, and caused unnecessary harm for our clients. Thankfully, we sued TransUnion and got the reports fixed and our clients got the compensation they deserved.

That is why it is crucial to work with a professional legal team to clear up these errors on your criminal background checks. Our team has the knowledge and experience to handle companies like TransUnion Rental Screening. We can walk you through the process of repairing your report from any errors and seeking legal compensation for damages that may have been caused by the consumer reporting agency in question. Reach out today and schedule a consultation to discover how we can help you secure a brighter housing future.

TransUnion Rental Screening Lawsuits and Cases

These are real cases filed by Consumer Attorneys’ clients. If you have experienced any similar issues, you may have a case against TransUnion.

Ebbonie H. v. TransUnion (Pennsylvania):  Ebbonie was denied an apartment rental because her background check reported the same misdemeanor record 4 times, making it look like she had 4 criminal misdemeanor records instead of 1. After her previous lease ended, she didn’t have anywhere to go and had to stay with a friend as well as at various hotels and commercial accommodations. We got her report fixed and TransUnion ended up settling out-of-court and got her paid.

Jeremy S v. TURSS (Florida):  Jeremy was planning to move from Athens, Alabama to Orland, Florida, but was denied a rental because his background report confused him with a man named JeremiahMcConico. Jeremiah had pleaded guilty to criminal offenses in South Carolina. TransUnion was willfully choosing to be overly cautious and considered Jeremiah to be Jeremy’s potential pseudonym or alias. Since Jeremiah didn’t get the rental, he was unable to make the move to Florida and had to turn down various jobs he had applied for there. Jeremy got his report corrected and got substantial compensation.

Stedmon D. v. TURSS (Tennessee): Stedmon was denied a rental because his report falsely stated that he had a record of evictions. While he had missed a few rental payments at his previous apartment, he and the realty company negotiated a delayed payment plan, which he paid off. However, TransUnion still reported this “eviction” proceeding as 4 separate records. Stedmon was worried his family would be left homeless since he couldn’t obtain the rental. Consumer Attorneys helped him fix his record and he got a settlement for the distress this caused.

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