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Universal Background Screening

What is Universal Background Screening?

Universal Background Screening is a screening service that you can use to expedite your hiring process. As the name suggests, the firm specializes in carrying out background checks on candidates. Due to its comprehensive screening service, you will be able to see important information about your candidates which may be crucial for the hiring decision. You can use the background screening service from this firm to reduce risk when hiring employees and to make better hiring decisions.

The firm will consult with you to deliver a customized background screening service that is most relevant for the needs of your organization. 

What Information Does Universal Background Screening Check?

Universal Background Screening checks a wide range of databases to uncover critical information on candidates you are thinking of hiring. The firm checks

  • Federal, state and county criminal records 
  • Verifies past employment
  • Searches USA OffenderSearch, USA CriminalSearch, USA CriminalSearch Plus
  • Driving Records
  • Employment credit report
  • Carries out reference interviews
  • performs license verification
  • Employment history
  • Education qualification verification
  • International Screening
  • Healthcare Background Checks
  • Checks Social Security Information by looking up SSNsight and Address/Alias Trace

Universal Background Screening Report Contains Errors

In case you find an error in Universal Background Screening report about you, then under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have the right to dispute it. You should immediately send them a written complaint requesting them to correct the Universal Background Screening report error about you. Under FCRA rules, Universal Background Screening must rectify the error or remove it within no more than 30 days. If the error is still not corrected, then you should reach out to use at once since you may have grounds for taking legal action against them. 

Universal Background Screening Contact Information

  • Address: Post Office Box 5920, Scottsdale, AZ 85261
  • Phone: (1) 877-263-8033
  • Email:
  • Website:

Have you found an error in Universal Background Screening report that is creating issues for you? If the Universal Background Screening report error has not been corrected within the time limit allowed under FCRA rules (30 days) then you should take quick action. You may have grounds for legal action. Contact our friendly attorneys in one of the following ways. 

  • Call +1 877-615-1725 for immediate assistance and a free case review.
  • Fill out our brief Contact Us form or initiate a live chat to share your concerns.

Reach out to us at with any questions, feel free to send your questions.

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