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Edward Y. Kroub is Consumer Attorneys LLP's most seasoned litigation partner and co-chairs several of the firm’s consumer finance departments.


About Consumer Finance Litigation

Consumers are a vital element of our economy.   However, some businesses may decide to try to cut a few corners in order to save a few bucks and harm consumers in the process.  This can include:

  • a creditor reporting incorrect credit information, 
  • a business failing to make its website accessible for people with disabilities, or 
  • an employer or a landlord failing to take the necessary steps that will allow them to use a background check report to turn down a potential employer or tenant. 

 Even more, sometimes employers, sellers of goods or services, debt collectors, banks, or other businesses may try to take advantage of their stronger position over the consumer and engage in underhanded tactics for financial gain.  Whether a business blasts out spam text messages in order to fish for less savvy customers or a debt collector uses deceptive methods to collect a debt, these tactics can disrupt the everyday life of the average consumer.

Laws that Protect Consumers

Luckily, the law provides numerous legal frameworks to help consumers protect themselves. Consumer protection laws give a fighting chance to consumers who would otherwise have none.

Consumers must be proactive and take the necessary steps in order to take advantage of the laws designed to protect them. Because these laws are often complicated in nature, it is important that consumers who are looking to use these laws to their advantage seek the strategic advice of professionals who are experienced in consumer law.

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