Mistakenly Reported as Deceased?

If you are falsely listed on the Death Master File, your credit score returns to zero and could prevent you from:
  • Credit scores automatically reset to zero
  • Denials for credit cards, mortgages, and personal loans
  • Inability to secure health insurance, renew a driver’s license or open a bank account
How to Dispute Deceased on Credit Report?
Correcting a false death report can be a tough process. The Death Master File is used by many credit bureaus and financial organizations to update their own data. So, if you've been mistakenly reported as deceased, you'll need to update all of your records to reflect your death, which could require notify to all credit bureaus, reporting agencies, and social security administration. Our attorneys have the skills and knowledge to help identify where a wrongly deceased alert may be found and how to correct it. Consumer Attorneys can also assist you in building a case for correction and compensation, if an organization refuses to correct their errors. If you require assistance in correcting a report mistake, please call (877) 615-1725 or contact us via website form.
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Reasons for Litigation
Erroneously reporting an individual as deceased violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Your Has Been Denied a Loan or Line of Credit
  • Your Monthly Social Security Benefits are Stopped
  • Your Has Been Denied Access to Own Bank Accounts
  • Your Has Been Denied the Tax Refund (in fact, your tax return will likely get rejected once you file it)
Social Security Number Wrongly Reported You as Deceased?
Did you know that each month, up to 1,000 people are mistakenly included on the SSA's Death Master File? Every year, 12,000 people are erroneously listed as deceased by Social Security. Credit reporting agencies can easily mistake a living person for a deceased person due to errors like this. This most commonly occurs when a creditor reports an account(s) as being associated with an applicant deceased, or if your Social Security Number is reported as deceased. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is violated when someone is mistakenly declared dead. "Whenever a consumer reporting agency compiles a consumer report, it shall follow reasonable processes to ensure maximum possible accuracy of the information," according to Section 1681e(b) of the federal statute. Credit bureaus that mistakenly report the applicant is deceased have not verified the information and have consequently failed to do due diligence.
What can you do if you have been mistakenly reported as deceased?
Get Credit Reports
Obtain copies of your credit reports from all three credit reporting agencies: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian
Prove You're Not Dead
Contact the Social Security Administration and ask for a letter verifying that you are, in fact, still alive
Get a Lawyer Review
If you have been mistakenly reported as deceased by a credit bureau, our firm can help to sue the credit reporting agencies
Following the completion of your case, we will assist you in checking and monitoring your credit report on a monthly basis to ensure that the credit agencies do not record you as deceased or make other erroneous statements that could result in an embarrassing credit refusal. We'll assist you in keeping your credit file free of inaccuracies.
For Filing a Dispute — Send Us a Message
Coming back from the not-really dead. We bring you back to life.
If you've been mistakenly marked as deceased by a credit bureau, you're already aware of the consequences on your credit. Mortgages may be denied, credit cards may be revoked, and health care providers may refuse to give you critical medical treatment as a result of that entry on your credit history. Being reported as deceased by mistake is no funny thing, and it can completely turn your life upside down.
Jacob D.
My twin brother passed away and social security was placed on my credit reports his death. The social security office said it didn’t match the records but for some reason pushed it through anyways. It is not allowing me to get a credit score, loans, or mortgages. I contacted the credit reporting agencies many many times and they haven't fixed it. When I sued them for this mistake, they fixed it right away. Thanks to Consumer Attorneys!
Consumer Attorneys is one of the top consumer protection law firms
We help consumers clean up their credit and background reports, challenge misleading debt collection letters, and innovate effective solutions to many consumer finance problems. We specialize in uncovering instances where someone else’s credit report is marked as the client’s, assisting victims of identity fraud, and correcting inaccuracies in credit reports to help people get employment, housing, and credit card financing. We also address rejections of loans and denial of tenancy because the reporting company provides false information.
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What Compensation Can Be Recovered?
The case value of these cases is really high. You know how much this has affected you. These are without a doubt the most serious credit reporting problems. Even with some credit report mistakes, you can still borrow money, only at a higher interest rate. But you will always be refused, if you have been reported as deceased on your credit report. In a case like this, you may be entitled to a high monetary compensation per defendant. Of course, the worth of a case is determined by a variety of criteria, and each case is unique. After speaking with you, we will be able to tell you how much your case is worth and answer any other questions you may have. Also, if you find the following negative things on your credit reports, you may be entitled to monetary compensation under the FCRA:
You should know that…
Duplicate reporting of the same account, fraudulent accounts or Someone else's Information on your credit credit report
Paid accounts still showing a balance due or discharged debts still reporting as owed
Derogatory accounts more than 7 years old still on your report or previously deleted accounts that have been reinserted on your report
Being reported dead on a credit report is actually a serious thing even if it seems funny at the beginning. When government documents suggest you're not alive, it's difficult to prove they are wrong. Please complete our free case review form, to discover more about your legal options and how our credit report attorneys may be able to legally help you.
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