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Consumer Attorneys is one of the top consumer
protection law firms in the United States.

We help consumers clean up their credit and background reports, challenge misleading debt collection letters, and innovate effective solutions to many consumer finance problems. We specialize in uncovering instances where someone else’s credit report is marked as the client’s, assisting victims of identity fraud, and correcting inaccuracies in credit reports to help people get employment, housing, and credit card financing. We also address rejections of loans and denial of tenancy because the reporting company provides false information.


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    Based on many years of practice and extensive legal experience of our lawyers, we provide legal services in:

    Free consultations are falling out of favor with some law firms, but Consumer Attorneys puts the consumer first. We will put you in touch with an attorney who will discuss your situation with you free of charge to determine whether you have a potential claim for a corrected report and a monetary settlement.

    Free consultations are falling out of favor with some law firms, but Consumer Attorneys puts the consumer first. We will put you in touch with an attorney who will discuss your situation with you free of charge to determine whether you have a potential claim for a corrected report and a monetary settlement.


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    We represent consumers nationwide.


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    1221 Brickell Avenue, Suite 900
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    Michael F.

    Daytona Beach, Florida

    I think that a Consumer Attorneys firm has been really great. They're very informative about the whole process and help you make the right decisions as far as you know what your options are. They are readily available anytime I will email, someone's usually responding very quickly! Read Michael's story

    Rahil A.

    Goodyear, Arizona

    My credit information had been lumped with my brother's information. On paper, it looked like me and my brother were the same person; almost like I didn't exist. I tried repeatedly to fix the problem on my own with no luck. If you can’t borrow money, you can’t move up in life. Don’t blindly trust that the credit bureaus are doing their due diligence. Check your own credit at least once a year, and if something doesn’t seem right, call Consumer Attorneys. Read Rahil's story

    Adnan P.

    Maricopa County, Arizona

    I felt like I was chasing my tail for months. I certainly couldn’t buy a house or even a car. Because of that, I’ve put off proposing to my girlfriend. I didn’t want to pull her into my financial mess. No matter how much you love someone and want to start a life with them, you don’t want to worry about ending up homeless or not having enough food in the refrigerator. Working with Consumer Attorneys has been a life-changing experience. I didn’t think I would ever get out of that financial hole. I’ll propose soon. Things are looking good. Read Adnan's story

    Paloma Landry

    Arizona, Clifton

    My Consumer Attorney's assistant was Duncan. He was very professional and knowledgeable, and carefully explained every step of the process and all the available options. He was patient with me and helped me to fix the inaccurate information on my credit reports. I will keep his number so I can recommend him to other people... great guy :o)

    Sylvie Ho

    Alabama, Cullman

    Lana was very knowledgeable and patient. Answered all my questions without hesitation. This was my first time using the services of a law firm to fix my credit, and the Consumer Attorneys team nailed it. Lana made me feel more comfortable with the decision to bring a lawsuit and get rid of the negative information that my ex-husband caused to appear on my credit report. Thanks, Lana for your calm and caring attitude. I really appreciate the experience.

    Debra May

    Arizona, Phoenix

    Victoria is an amazing person, she helped me with my difficult issue, she helped me with patience. I want to thank her very, very much. I had someone's information on my credit reports, and Victoria was with me all the time till we fixed this.

    Damian Craft

    California, Carmel

    Though I’d say it was a very time-consuming process, and at some point, I even thought of giving up since I’m old and it was hard for me to gather all required proof, the assistants have been very patient and helpful in assisting me. I had someone else's information on my credit report, and they’ve fixed it. God bless you my friends, god bless you.

    Kerry Preston

    Florida, Cape Coral

    It was a pleasure working with Kevin. He went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied and well-informed. I’ll definitely advise my friends and relatives to use your services. Thank you for an awesome experience.

    Pablo Campos

    Kansas, Arkansas City

    Kate is awesome, patiently assisting me with details. I got denied a job several times, because of some criminal records that did not belong to me being placed on my background report. I was almost at the bottom since I even started being late on payments on my credit accounts. This wonderful team of professionals helped me a lot. You’ve all been doing a great job, and your company is lucky to have one like Kate. Keep it up!

    Ezmae Maguire

    Maryland, Hagerstown

    We are very grateful for the excellent attention of our assistant, Harry. We congratulate you for having an efficient and effective staff with the necessary empathy towards us, the consumers.

    Issac Devine

    New York, New York

    Consumer Attorneys did a phenomenal job. My experience with this company has been nothing short of astounding. They are polite, knowledgeable and make sure I get the best value for my time. Definitely recommend contacting them if you have any issues with Identity theft.


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