Specializing in empowering consumers against debt collectors, background check companies, and credit reporting agencies.

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Consumer Attorneys LLP one of the top consumer protection law firms in New York City. We help our clients bring lawsuits to clean up their credit reports, challenge misleading debt collection letters, come up with powerful solutions to their consumer finance problems. We specialize in uncovering mixed files, assisting victims of identity fraud, and clearing inaccuracies in credit reports so that our clients who were otherwise denied credit in the past can get approved for things such as employment, mortgages, and credit cards.


Practice Areas

Credit Reporting Errors

Credit Reporting Errors

You may be entitled to a money award under the Fair Credit Reporting Act if you have errors on your credit report.

Background Check Errors

Background Check Errors

You may be entitled to a money award under the Fair Credit Reporting Act if you were denied housing or a job based on an improper background check.

Debt Collection Harassment and Abuse

Debt Collection Harassment and Abuse

You may be entitled to a money award under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act if you received a debt collection letter or phone call.

Telemarketer Harassment

Telemarketer Harassment

You may be entitled to a money award under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act if you received unsolicited calls, robocalls or texts.



You may be entitled to a fresh start and improvements to your credit score post-bankruptcy after your debts are discharged.

Consumer Finance Litigation

Consumer Finance Litigation

You may be entitled to a money award if you suffered from improper loan debts, loan agreement issues, or the prevention of money transfers from your bank accounts.

Class Actions

Class Actions

You may be able to help yourself and thousands of others in your situation by serving as a class representative against powerful corporate interests.

Data Breach Litigation

Data Breach Litigation

You may be entitled to a money award if you were the victim of a data breach.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

You may be entitled to a money award if you suffered injury or illness due to negligence.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Americans with Disabilities Act

You may be entitled to a money award if you are disabled and suffering harassment or opportunities afforded to others (for example, barriers using the internet, barriers to entering buildings).


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    Daniel C. Cohen

    Daniel C. Cohen is a founding partner of Consumer Attorneys LLP. Mr. Cohen is also taking on the position of co-chair of Consumer Finance Litigation practice. Since 2017, he is a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates and the National Consumer Law Center. Mr. Cohen is a nationally-recognized practitioner of consumer protection law. He has a wealth of proven legal experience in the United States in: collective claims (both monetary compensation and non-monetary benefits), representing visually impaired people who believe their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act have been violated in both the physical and digital environments, corporate governance and dispute resolution.

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    Practice Areas:

    • Fair Credit Reporting Act
    • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
    • Personal Injury


    • Arizona
    • District of Arizona
    • New York
    • Eastern District of New York
    • Southern District of New York
    • Northern District of New York


    • Thomas Edison State College – B.A.
    • Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University – J.D.

What our clients say

Ashley Thompson - Florida

Ashley Thompson


This law firm was so helpful! Not only did they get items removed from my credit but they got me cash in hand for something that was hurting my credit for years! I highly recommend them! They will find it, fix it and make the wrongdoers pay for it!

Bruce Robinson - Baltimore, Ohio

Bruce Robinson

Baltimore, Ohio

I haven’t had to deal with lawyers in the past but I was pleasantly surprised by the way they made things so easy for me. They were very knowledgeable about my case and when they said “just let us do the work” they were not exaggerating.

Danny Fuzaylov - New York

Danny Fuzaylov

New York

I found Consumer Attorneys as I was browsing for a lawyer that can provide services for credit repair. I called to Daniel and he told that one of his specialties is credit repair. He took his time, explained all the details and we settled a great price.

Camille Martin - Boston, Massachusetts

Camille Martin

Boston, Massachusetts

Amazing firm! I worked predominantly with Daniel which was a great experience. He was very informative and stayed in contact with me throughout my case.

Yosi Manny - New York

Yosi Manny

New York

Professional, courteous, efficient- are a few adjectives i’d use to describe my experience with this firm, specifically with Daniel Cohen. He thoroughly explained all and not only won my case but got me far more money from the lawsuit than expected.

Daniel Yakubov - New York

Daniel Yakubov

New York

Consumer Attorneys LLP IS THE BEST film I've ever encountered. The level of knowledge, honesty and experience in the field is impeccable. I would suggest anyone with any issues to turn to them for family quality experience and help.

Diana Yakubov - New York

Diana Yakubov

New York

I have never seen such knowledgeable people in my life. Law firm Consumer Attorneys LLP were able to address all of my concerns in a timely manner and without costing. Very polite and well mannered law office I recommend them to all my friends and family.

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