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If LGBTQ+ Discrimination is Impacting Your Life and Well-Being, We Can Help. Protect Your Legal Rights Today!

LGBTQ+ discrimination can adversely impact you at work, school, or other organizations. It can harm you financially, keep you from opportunities or advancements, and take a serious toll on your mental, emotional, or physical well-being. If you’ve experienced any of these scenarios or similar, talk to an LGBTQ+ discrimination attorney today.

The law grants certain legal protections against this type of discrimination at the federal and state levels. Since state laws vary considerably regarding the extent of the protections available, discussing your situation with an LGBTQ discrimination lawyer is the best first step.

We wholeheartedly embrace a rich, connected, diverse worldview that centers legal equality and respect while recognizing, upholding, and fighting for everyone's inherent worth and dignity. Read on to learn more, then reach out.

LGBTQ+ Discrimination: What It Is

This type of discrimination is characterized by the unjust, unfair, or disparate treatment of an individual based solely on their identification or perception as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or similar. It may take the form of sexual orientation discrimination,  transgender discrimination, or gender identity discrimination.

Examples of Sexual Orientation Discrimination

LGBTQ+ discrimination shows up in various ways. Sometimes, sexual orientation discrimination or gender identity discrimination is blatant and obvious. In other cases, it is subtle. Similarly, it may take the form of a single, outrageous incident or as a pattern across time. Some examples include:

  • Making homophobic or transphobic jokes or comments in the workplace.
  • Using slurs or disparaging terms to refer to people of LGBTQ+ orientation.
  • Stating or implying that an individual is unqualified or less qualified for a position, promotion, raise, or other opportunity due to their orientation.
  • Making directly sexual, suggestive, or threatening comments to an LGBTQ+ individual centered on their orientation or gender expression.
  • Preventing LGBTQ+ individuals from having access to the same opportunities, environments, or experiences as non-LGBTQ+ colleagues or peers within a school or work environment.
  • Direct, targeted bullying of an LGBTQ+ individual or whistleblower.
  • Failing to adequately respond to or intervene to address LBGTQ+-based bullying or an otherwise hostile environment.
  • Patterns of social or physical isolation or altercations based on LGBTQ presentation or perception.

Are LGBTQ+ Employees Protected in the Workplace?

Yes. There are federal protections in place for LGBTQ employees. Specifically, the Supreme Court held that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act can be used to protect citizens from discrimination based on sexual orientation and transgender identity because they are forms of discrimination based on sex, which is prohibited by law. Under this law, employers cannot fire an employee simply for being LGBTQ+.

Numerous states offer protections at the state level that complement or enhance these federal protections. However, some state laws attempt to sharply limit protections for LBTQ+ discrimination. Working with an LGBTQ discrimination attorney with a nuanced understanding of state-specific laws is a huge advantage.

How Can an LGBTQ+ Discrimination Lawyer Help You?

An LGBTQ discrimination lawyer is your advocate. They will guide your legal steps, represent your best interests, and protect your welfare. Specifically, they can help in several key ways:

  1. Listen and Consult. With a deep understanding of the law, an LGBT discrimination attorney will listen to and evaluate the facts of your unique situation in light of state and federal legal protections.
  2. Plan, Advise, and Protect. Based on this evaluation and case assessment, the attorney will devise and recommend a legal strategy that protects your mental, physical, and financial well-being while navigating the law.
  3. Reporting. Your LGBT discrimination lawyer will handle or advise on initial communications and reporting.
  4. Ongoing Communication. Your attorney will handle or advise on all ongoing communications with the parties involved, representing or accompanying you as needed.
  5. File a lawsuit. If necessary, your LGBTQ discrimination lawyer will advise on appropriate legal action, including filing a lawsuit in court.
  6. Public Relations and Media. Not all lawsuits garner attention. However, your attorney will handle or advise on public-facing communications as needed.
  7. Follow Up. Your LGBTQ lawyer will remain available as an advocate for any ongoing needs or legal assistance.

Who Can We Help?

We can help anyone experiencing this type of discrimination in employment, school, public accommodations, or other environments. Legal protections for LGBTQ+ individuals are heavily fact-dependent and not straightforward, but our top-tier team of lawyers can navigate the law and zealously advocate on your behalf.

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LGBTQ+ Discrimination Attorneys

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