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Your job is important, and you should be treated with respect. If your employer discriminates against you, we can help.

A job is so many things. It is, first and foremost, likely how you make the money you need to pay your rent or mortgage, buy food, pay your car payment, pay your kids’ tuition, and anything else you need to survive. Work can also define your role in society: a construction worker, a barber, a salesperson, an executive, a nurse, a chef, or one of thousands of other things. A workplace is also where you find community as your colleagues become friends.

When your workplace becomes a place that discriminates against you, a job can become something else as your right to earn a living and support your family turns into a source of indignity, sadness, fear, anger, and pain instead.

Not only is this wrong, it is illegal. When workplace discrimination happens to you, you do not have to tolerate it or fight it alone. There are laws in place to protect you. If you have faced discrimination, you may wonder, “Are there any employment discrimination lawyers near me?” The answer is yes, and we are here for you.

What is Employment Discrimination?

Employment discrimination is when an employer, boss, supervisor, manager, chief, co-worker, colleague, or client treats a person unfairly based on specific characteristics of that person. Those characteristics include age, race, gender, gender identity, medical status, sexual orientation, religion, color, ethnicity, marital status, physical or mental disability, or pregnancy. These are called protected classes.

Examples of Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination happens in different aspects of your profession. Anytime someone is hired, fired, given a promotion, denied a promotion, assigned a task, given a responsibility, offered a raise, or receives an assignment because of a protected characteristic, that is discrimination. It results in unfair and negative treatment and undermines equal employment opportunities. It also includes frequent teasing, taunting, or otherwise creating hostility because a person belongs to a protected class.

Discrimination at work can happen directly and indirectly. Directly, it occurs when a person is not hired, not promoted, not paid as much, not given time off to practice religion, or not given desirable assignments based on their protected class. Another form of direct discrimination is when employees create hostility toward another employee because of that employee’s protected class.

Indirectly, it occurs when an employer has a rule or policy that negatively impacts one protected class. Examples include no-beards policies, specific dress codes prohibiting head coverings, or policies requiring workers to work at certain times despite religious observances. Such policies are usually no accident.

Whatever is happening to you in your workplace, we are here to listen, assess the facts of your case, help you gather evidence, plan a legal strategy, hold the people responsible accountable, and, if appropriate, get you the compensation you deserve.

What Types of Labor Discrimination Can We Handle

Our workplace discrimination lawyers have handled many discrimination cases in the following areas:

  • Race Discrimination Attorneys. If you have been treated unfairly at work because of your race, contact us. Racial discrimination includes unfair treatment based on skin color, heritage, and ethnic background. It can include anything from a qualified candidate not being hired because an employer prefers someone of a different race to someone using racial slurs or racial jokes in the workplace.
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Attorneys. This is unfair treatment of a woman because she is pregnant. An example of this is if a pregnant woman is passed over for a promotion because her boss thinks she won’t be fully committed to her job when the baby is born.
  • Sex/Gender Discrimination Attorneys. Discriminating against someone based on their gender identity or sex is illegal. An example is when an employer pays a female employee less than her male colleague. Derogatory remarks about a transgender employee - including repeated misuse of the transgender employee’s pronouns - can rise to the level of harassment and discrimination.
  • Age Discrimination Attorneys. This is an employee's unfavorable or unfair treatment because of their age. This particularly affects older workers. Anytime an older worker is laid off or let go, not because of performance issues but because the company wants to bring in younger and less expensive employees, it could be discrimination.
  • National Origin Discrimination Attorneys. This is treating employees who come from different countries or cultural backgrounds differently. Any expectations about work ethic based on national origin, any imitations of accents, or any teasing because of where someone is from is discrimination.
  • Medical Discrimination Attorneys. Treating someone unfairly due to their medical history or medical conditions or not providing reasonable accommodation for them to seek treatment may be discriminatory. This includes an employee not being given opportunities because of a chronic illness.
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination Attorneys. If you have ever been mistreated because of who you are in a relationship with or are attracted to, contact us. If you have ever been overlooked for a promotion because your boss is not comfortable with your sexual orientation or believes clients have prejudices against gay people, contact us.
  • Maternity/Paternity Discrimination Attorneys. Anytime new parents are punished - either directly or indirectly - for taking time off to care for their new child, that is discrimination. This can also include new adoptive parents.
  • Religious Discrimination Attorneys. Treating someone differently because of their religious beliefs or religious practices is wrong. Not providing reasonable accommodations for a person to practice their religion is wrong. If you have been denied time off for a religious observance while others have been given time off for more widely recognized holidays, that may be discriminatory.
  • Criminal Conviction Discrimination Attorneys. If an employer ever refuses to hire someone because of a criminal record and that criminal record has nothing to do with their job responsibilities, that may be discriminatory.
  • Disability Discrimination Attorneys. Any refusal to hire someone with specific mental or physical disabilities is discrimination. It might also include when an employer doesn’t hire someone in a wheelchair because the employer does not want to install ramps.
  • Military Discrimination Attorneys. Contact us if you have been mistreated because of your military service or obligations. This may take the form of an employer not hiring promoting a military reservist because of their military commitments.
  • Marital Discrimination Attorneys. Treating people unfairly based on whether they are single, married, divorced, or widowed is against the law. Examples include making single people work late more often than married people because the employer assumes single people do not have family commitments.

What Does an Employment Discrimination Attorney Do?

The discrimination attorneys at Consumer Attorneys will listen to your story. Everyone’s circumstances are different. Every career, every employer, every store, every small business, every work break room, every assembly line, every corporation, and every case of discrimination are all different. Then, we assess, apply the law to the facts of your case, offer legal advice, prepare a strategy for your next steps, guide you on gathering the best evidence, and, when appropriate, file a lawsuit against your employer. Most work discrimination cases are federal claims. We support you and answer any questions you have throughout this whole process.

Who Can We Help?

A discrimination lawyer can help anyone who is an employee at any job from all walks of life. We help entry-level workers, executives, people in manufacturing, retail, finance, and every industry in between.

Contact Us

Your work is essential for so many reasons. You do not have to tolerate discrimination in the workplace. You do not have to stand up to it alone. We are workplace discrimination lawyers who fight for your rights by ensuring those rights are upheld and holding the people who violate those rights accountable.

You can visit our website and chat with a live representative. You can also visit our website and fill out a form for an attorney to contact you later. You can send us an email at info@consumerattorneys.com and request a meeting with an attorney. You can call us at +1-877-615-1725. Someone will answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have represented thousands of people who have been mistreated. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

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