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Why Choose Us

The rights of employees, consumers and disabled people are protected under a wide array of local, state and federal laws. Financial institutions nationwide, however, regularly violate consumer rights by utilizing their considerable resources to get off the hook by heavily litigating expensive court battles.

This is not what Congress intended when it passed these consumer protection statutes, and these financial institutions must be held accountable for their malicious wrongdoings. Consumers should not be required to confront these financial institutions on their own, and Congress permitted private attorneys to step in and protect the rights of innocent consumers. The team at Consumer Attorneys fights for the rights of plaintiffs who have been wronged -- and will ensure that they receive just financial compensation for their injuries.

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A Track Record of Excellence

The team at Consumer Attorneys has years of proven experience fighting — and winning — lawsuits brought under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other federal laws designed to protect ordinary people from abuse by companies and institutions.

The Determination to Fight for Consumers’ Rights

Many times the most cost efficient and effective way for consumers to take on companies that they allege have acted in bad faith is to band together in a class-action lawsuit. Consumer Attorneys has had proven success in class-action litigation and has the skills and resources needed to devote personalized attention to each individual case.

The Passion to Hold Institutions Accountable

Court battles are not easy, especially against powerful institutions with deep pockets and large teams of lawyers. The team at Consumer Attorneys provides competent and passionate legal representation while fighting for your rights in courts around the country.


Our Path To Victory

Consumer Attorneys’ lawyers are dedicated to getting consumers reimbursed for any aggravation and humiliation arising from a denial of a job or housing.

The lawyers will begin by seeing if the other parties are willing to reach a settlement. But some companies faced with the threat of a court battle may try to offer a settlement amount far below what a consumer deserves for their pain and suffering. Some may refuse to pay anything at all. Our lawyers won’t let bad actors get off the hook without a fight. If an institution or company refuses to be held accountable for the injuries it inflicts, Consumer Attorneys’ lawyers will push hard for a judge to rule in your favor and award you just compensation. If that proves to be unsuccessful, our lawyers will then demand that the matter go before a jury, which could result in an even larger payout for the consumer.


Legal Representation You Can Trust

We get it — taking an employer or a big company to court seems like a nearly impossible task. A court battle can be draining and it could be months or even years before a consumer sees the compensation they deserve.

But that doesn’t mean plaintiffs should suffer financial pain for taking the prudent step of hiring an attorney. Consumer Attorneys will not take a dime from a client to take on their case until it reaches a settlement or the case is resolved in favor of the plaintiff.

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