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Consumer Attorneys Fight Against Injustice. We Do Not Tolerate Disability Discrimination, and Neither Should You!

Lawyers who are experienced in cases related to discrimination against people with disabilities are often referred to as disability discrimination attorneys, a disability discrimination solicitor (depending on location), and sometimes an Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA employment lawyer. 

The legal professionals at Consumer Attorneys are skilled in facilitating justice for those who have disabilities and suffer discrimination. Our ADA employment attorneys are relentless in their determination to secure equitable treatment for all, our legal team tirelessly fights to help clients with things like workplace discrimination, employment accommodations, and reasonable accommodations in general. We advocate to protect clients in medical and corporate settings who otherwise may not be protected. 

So, if you have recently searched for disability discrimination attorneys near me or for an attorney who handles disability discrimination, you’ve come to the right place!

Disability Discrimination in the Workplace: What It Is

Workplace discrimination occurs when an employer makes the decision to favor some of their employees over others who have disabilities. The employer might pay their workers with disabilities less money or not allow them to be promoted. An employer might also terminate someone’s work when learning of their disability or refuse to provide employees with reasonable accommodations when requested. Whatever the method of discrimination, discriminating against someone because they have a disability is illegal under the ADA- plain and simple!

What Are Your Disability Rights?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), individuals with disabilities are entitled to many rights. These are some of the rights provided under the ADA.

  1. State and community programs. The privilege to access state and community initiatives and amenities such as (medical services, courts, voting, transit and more!)
  2. Job opportunities. Unbiased pay, learning, promotion opportunities.
  3. Accommodations. Public accommodations must treat all customers equally regardless of ability status.
  4. Telecommunications rights. You have a right to equal access to telecommunications services and equipment.
  5. Privacy of medical information. A company is unable to question a job applicant with a disability about their specific disability.
  6. Reasonable accommodations. Employers must make reasonable accommodations so that people with disabilities can perform essential job functions.

Reasonable Accommodations

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires employers to provide accommodations to individuals with disabilities that will allow them to perform essential job duties and also enjoy benefits on the job that other workers without disabilities enjoy.

ADA Violations

The ADA serves to protect those with disabilities from discriminatory practices based on disability status. Our attorneys fight discrimination against people with disabilities and aim to help get rid of ADA violations both inside and outside of the workplace.

Examples of Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination in the workplace is unlawful.  Below are some instances of disability discrimination our clients experienced in the past.

Whether one of these situations is familiar to you, or you’ve encountered employment disability discrimination not mentioned here, contact us as soon as possible because we are interested in hearing from you.

  • Refusing to hire or give a pay increase to someone with a disability due to their disability status
  • Bullying or intimidating individuals with disabilities based on their disability status
  • Not acknowledging the rights or accommodations requests of employees with disabilities as per the ADA
  • Not paying workers with disabilities or paying them less than other employees doing the same job

How Can Disability Discrimination Lawyers Help You?

If you've looked for disability discrimination lawyers near me, it is time to take action. You should talk to an attorney who handles disability discrimination cases. Our firm works with clients facing all kinds of discrimination, including disability discrimination. We generally take on cases where employers did not prevent accidents in the workplace by failing to provide employees with disability accommodations to perform work duties, employers who promote hostile work environments for employees with disabilities, and nearly all other employment law issues that can arise. Our disability discrimination attorneys can help you by providing a legal consultation and case evaluation. If we proceed together in an attorney-client relationship, we will help with all aspects of the legal process.

Who Can We Help?

The lawyers at our firm assist clients by representing clients with disabilities who have suffered discrimination. We can help anyone who has suffered any of, but not limited to, the following:

  • Employees with disabilities who are harassed in the workplace because of their disability status
  • Anyone who is denied accommodations that they are legally allowed to receive
  • If you are abused inside or outside of the workplace because of your disability
  • If you are refused rights and accommodations solely because of your disability

If you feel as if you have been treated differently based on your disability, we would like to hear from you.

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