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Did Your Employer Deny You Pay? Wage Attorneys at Consumer Attorneys Want to Help You Receive Fair Reimbursement!

If you have recently searched online for “unpaid wages attorney near me” or “wage lawyer near me,” keep reading. When an employer does not pay you for your labor, you have a right to receive payment. If you've been conducting searches for local wage attorneys in hopes of finding someone experienced, then you've come to the right place.

Our dedicated unpaid wages lawyers ensure that employers uphold the law and we provide you with advice for determining if you have a valid wage claim.

Your Rights Under the FLSA

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) lays out the rights you are owed, including the following:

  • Children’s Rights. The employment wages of children are restricted under this law which aims to protect young people from harsh working conditions that could jeopardize their health or general well-being.
  • Minimum Wage. Also known as the lowest wage permissible by law, the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour as of July 2009. State statutes set their own minimum wages, and employees are entitled to whichever amount is higher. If you are not paid as required by the law, you should speak with a minimum wage attorney now.
  • Overtime Payments. Getting paid additional compensation for extra time worked is applicable as part of the FLSA when non-exempt workers have worked more than forty hours in a work week.
  • Other Guidelines.To adhere to FLSA guidelines, employers must display a formal placard detailing FLSA obligations, in addition to a requirement to maintain a detailed record of employees' time and pay.

Contact an employment and wage lawyer if you believe an employer owes you money. We advise getting in touch with a legal practitioner who is skilled in helping clients claim unpaid money and find legal resolution.

File a Claim for Unpaid Wages

When you perform work at an agreed-upon rate of pay but are not paid for it, the money that is owed to you is called "unpaid" wages. To get compensation for your unpaid work, you should file a wage claim. Several state and federal laws are designed to protect employees from wage theft and to make sure that you are paid at least the minimum wage. If you want to receive the wages you are owed, reach out to a wage attorney. There are time limits for how long you have to file a lawsuit for unpaid wages claims. Get in touch with one of our wage law attorneys!

How Unpaid Wages Attorney Can Help You

A wage claim attorney who knows wage law is known by many names, such as wage discrimination lawyer, minimum wage lawyer, or wage disputes lawyer. Our unpaid wages attorneys can help to ensure that your employer is held accountable for lost wages. We can offer assistance in many ways, including the following:

  1. Our team of wage theft attorneys will discover if your employer is in arrears for wages owed
  2. We will meticulously compile evidence on your behalf
  3. Communicate with the court and opposing party for you
  4. Work out a deal with your employer in order to secure a settlement

Collaborating with a wage theft lawyer on our staff means having advocates and allies who understand the law and who have guided numerous clients in their pursuit of reimbursement.

Wage Discrimination Lawyers

Attorneys who are knowledgeable in wage discrimination represent clients who have been paid unfairly based on protected classes. Wage discrimination involves paying similarly situated employees different amounts based on different factors like their race, national origin, religion, age, and disability status.

Wage Theft Lawyers

You can stop your search for unpaid wages lawyers near me and give us a call! Our legal team will advocate diligently for you if you've faced the hardship of working for an employer who failed to pay you proper wages. In addition to seeking justice for unpaid time, our lawyers will also work to recover any overtime you are owed and work against illegal activities like misclassification, unlawful deductions, and more!

Unpaid Wages Lawyers’ Fees

Some attorneys require you to pay a retainer or an upfront payment that secures the attorney’s services. Not all Attorneys are the same, and they have the freedom to set their own fees. Many attorneys may work on a contingency basis requiring payment after a claim is won. The best attorney to secure unpaid wages for you will depend on several things, including your geographical location, the attorney's experience in that particular area of law, and whether or not the attorney works for a law firm that actually wins labor and employment law cases.

Discuss Your Wage Claim with Our Attorneys

If you need assistance getting the wages you deserve, please reach out to our law firm for an appointment. We’ll arrange a consultation with you to talk about missing wages, unpaid overtime, illegal wage deductions, and other payroll complaints with no out-of-pocket costs to you.

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