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The legal system is not easy to understand. If you’ve found yourself searching for “wage & hour attorneys near me” or “wage & hour lawyers near me,” it’s most likely time for you to contact a law firm that handles employment claims. We listen, answer questions, make plans, and guide you through the legal landscape to get the money you deserve.

Workers have a right to fair pay and should receive their salaries in accordance with the work and hours agreed upon by them and their employers. In addition, employers must adhere to laws pertaining to employment, including minimum wage and overtime pay. It is illegal for employers to pay employees less than they’ve earned. For instance, even if the work clock shows that an employee works only thirty minutes of overtime, depending on the law, the employer typically must pay for time earned. Additionally, it is unlawful for employers to pay workers below the minimum wage requirements.

If you’ve faced anything similar to what we’ve mentioned above, wage and hour violations attorneys at a reputable law firm like Consumer Attorneys can answer your difficult questions and advocate for your rights. Our lawyers help with everything from minimum wage, overtime, time off (rest and meal) breaks, final paychecks, and more! 

Wage Rights of Employees

Employees are protected against unfair and misleading practices, and are legally entitled to earn wages in accordance with federal and state laws. Wage rights of employees can include any of the following. This list is not exhaustive.

1. The right to be paid a minimum wage

2. Overtime pay if working more than 40 hours per week

3. Meal and rest breaks that are allowed by law

4. Pay stubs showing hours worked and pay rate (contingent on state laws)

5. Prohibition of improper deductions from employees’ paychecks

If an employer violates an employee’s rights, they have a right to file a lawsuit against the employer for workers’ rights violations.

Defending Wage and Hour Litigation

Employment attorneys can evaluate the validity of the claims and can defend employees’ rights by working toward a settlement with an employer or by defending workers in court after filing a lawsuit. An experienced attorney will advocate for workers’ rights until a resolution is agreed upon. In the interim, you can defend your own rights by documenting what has happened to you through documentation and by contacting Consumer Attorneys for immediate assistance.

Common Wage and Hour Violations

These violations can take many forms. Unfortunately, employees frequently have to deal with wage violations, including not being paid for all of their labor, misclassification as exempt from overtime, denial of meal and rest breaks, and unlawful deductions. Places can deliberately or unintentionally violate workers’ rights. Irrespective of their intent, they are liable for any penalties and compensation that is owed to workers when faced with wage and hour issues.

How Wage and Hour Attorneys Can Help You

A lawyer will be of great help to you, if you are an employee who is facing wage theft or any other violation. Additionally, attorneys will help you recover any unpaid compensation and overtime pay. Below are some of the ways an attorney can help you.

  • They will research your case and determine what  issues are present
  • They will send correspondence to employers for you
  • File a claim for you in court and take care of the legal process
  • Negotiate a settlement for you or litigate a lawsuit on your behalf

Wage and Hour Lawyers’ Fees

Many lawyers have the liberty of setting their fees according to the services they provide. Fees can be a set amount based on a retainer fee (upfront fee) or in the form of a contingency fee model whereby attorneys assist clients and receive attorney’s fees only after the successful recovery of the employee's wages and compensation.

The percentage paid as part of a contingency fee varies depending on the lawyer’s experience, location, etc. The best way to understand how much lawyers’ fees will be is to contact the law firm you would like to work with so they can provide you with what is known as a case evaluation. At that time, attorneys generally lay out pay expectations along with everything else you’ll need to know to get started. 

Who Can We Help?

Consumer Attorneys works with anyone who is dealing with employment issues, including but not limited to being paid under the minimum wage, working overtime without compensation, facing unfair and harsh treatment while on the job, not being allowed to take breaks as allowed by law, and more!

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