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There are many Americans who view this country as a dream, or at the very least, as a place where you can make the best of your opportunities and achieve anything you set your mind to, regardless of your roots. Yet, for groups of women, this pictured existence is not always as positive as it is for others and often falls short of equality and equal opportunities.

One of the very apparent shortcomings that some people still face is equal pay. The lack of pay equity amongst men and women is still very obvious. It is unfortunate that women experience receiving less pay than their male colleagues for equal  or more work. Although great efforts have been made regarding the pay issue, many employers continue to act unfairly towards women. Equal pay lawyers at Consumer Attorneys can help if you are facing this in the workplace. Asking for fairness and equality at work is not a privilege, it is your right provided by the Equal Pay Act! 

Your Rights Under the Equal Pay Act (EPA)

The Equal Pay Act (EPA) is a federal law committed to ending the pay gaps between women and men workers based on sex. Notably, the act is aimed at protecting all sexes. Under the act, there are several factors that must exist in order for a worker to have an Equal Pay Act claim against an employer. Skill, effort, and responsibility are just some of what an equal pay claim must consider in order to hold an employer responsible for unfair pay. Employers must make sure that there is no inequality in wages between people of opposite sexes who are performing what the EPA refers to as “substantially equal jobs.” This means if there is a discrepancy found, the employer has a duty to raise the wages in order to equalize pay, while maintaining the current wages of the other individuals. If an employer fails to fix an unequal pay situation, you are likely facing equal pay discrimination and should contact our firm immediately!

How Can a Lawyer Help You Recover Compensation for Equal Pay Discrimination?

Searching online for equal pay lawyers near me is a good starting point. However,you should make sure you work with an equal pay lawyer with experience fighting against equal pay violations. A strong legal team can help you in recovering compensation for equal pay discrimination. Below are just some of the ways our lawyers will assist you.

  • Legal Experience. Cases concerning equal pay are complicated and require an understanding of existing statutes and case law. Lawyers who are experienced in this area will be able to analyze the EPA and the facts of your situation and help decide if you have legal grounds to file a lawsuit.
  • Gathering Evidence. Our attorneys will assist you in gathering evidence, including pay slips, employment contracts, performance reviews, and more. Having a strong lawyer will help bolster your case and help you receive the compensation that you deserve. 
  • Negotiation. Our lawyers can negotiate for you in order to gain a settlement in advance of trial.
  • Litigation. In cases when negotiations do not render a favorable decision, our attorneys will litigate for you during court hearings.  

Discuss Pay Discrimination with Our Attorneys

Our team of Equal Pay attorneys is here to assist you if you believe you earn less than your colleagues but are doing the same or more work. Our attorneys fight to protect the rights of clients. We will advocate the same way for you! If you’ve faced the following, we want to speak with you. We list only some examples. If your situation is not below, we still want to speak with you.

  • Unequal pay based on your sex 
  •  Pay discrimination in the workplace, favoring men over women
  •  Performing the same or more work as a colleague but compensated less
  •  Exploitative conduct towards women and members of other protected classes
  •  Any other injustice or inequities that should not be practiced in the workplace
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