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Tenant Screening Companies

Learn Which Tenant Screening Companies Property Managers Use Most and What to Do If Your Rental Application Is Denied!
When completing a rental application, you'll likely undergo tenant screening. Discover the top companies property managers use and what to expect if they report errors. Learn about the screening process and how Consumer Attorneys can help if your rental application is denied.

Tenant screening agencies offer background information on individuals who would like to rent a property. Additionally, the tenant screening company helps landlords and property managers evaluate the creditworthiness of potential tenants by providing them with a rental screening report. During the screening process, the tenant screening agency will evaluate different aspects of an applicant’s background. Landlords will then review the results to ensure they are not renting to “at risk” tenants that will likely default on their rental payments.

Some of the information that will be accessed during rental checks include credit history, criminal history, eviction records, employment history, and rental records. Like background check companies, sometimes tenant screening companies make mistakes that are costly to consumers.

Some of our clients have dealt with losing out on rental opportunities because the tenant credit and background check companies that ran their reports made mistakes. When errors occur, you should contact a consumer lawyer for assistance disputing the errors and suing the screening companies when feasible. Continue reading to learn about the most common tenant screening companies.

Information on Tenant Screening Companies

What is the best tenant screening company? Picking the best tenant screening companies is subjective and really at the discretion of landlords. There are many tenant screening companies available to landlords who wish to perform a background check on applicants. Along with the background check, your credit will be evaluated. The three main consumer reporting agencies (credit bureaus) landlords rely on are Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. For more information, check out this list of credit reporting agencies.

Tenant screening companies and background check companies are similar, but there are some differences. Background reports are more comprehensive and usually include more details. Whereas, tenant screenings and tenant screening companies focus mainly on the aspects of a renter’s background that are important to property managers like rental history, criminal records, eviction records, etc.

There are hundreds of tenant screening companies that a property manager can choose from, but there are some front runners that are landlords’ “go to” companies for tenant screenings. Check those out below.

Main Tenant Screening Agencies

As stated above, there are many tenant screening companies so determining which one your prospective landlord will utilize to check your rental history can be difficult. However, there are some top tenant screening companies that are preferred by property companies and landlords.

Here's a list of the most common tenant background check companies:

Some tenant screening companies are more common than others, but regardless of size and popularity, all tenant screening companies are capable of making mistakes. Many of our clients have suffered tremendously by losing out on rental opportunities because of errors contained in a tenant screening report. Don’t let the size of a company deter you from doing your due diligence and reviewing your tenant report in detail. If you find errors in your report, the FRCA gives you the right to dispute the errors along with other rights including the right to:

1. Request your tenant screening report

2. Receive a copy of your tenant report after asking for it

3. Know which information in the report was used against you

4. Dispute the accuracy of the information contained in the report

5. Have your disputes investigated within a reasonable amount of time

6. Receive written notice of the results of the investigation

Above are just some of your rights under the FCRA. If for some reason the screening company violates the law and does not respond to your requests in a timely manner, you have a legal right to file a lawsuit for the harm (damages) you’ve suffered as a result of both the errors contained in the report and the failure of the company to adhere to FCRA guidelines and procedures.

Who We Help

Unfortunately, when you have your credit and background checked before renting, there is no way to pick or choose the best tenant credit check agency and sometimes the agency that screens your background makes mistakes that cost you rental opportunities.

Our firm assists anyone who has been adversely affected by tenant credit check companies. That means if you have dealt with errors contained in tenant screening reports or any other illegal behavior that violates the FCRA, we can assist you.

Here’s some of what we help you with:

  • Notice. We ensure if you applied for housing that you are given appropriate notice when you are turned down
  • Advice. Advise you on what information can legally be disclosed during a tenant screening
  • Dispute errors. Our team will help you locate and dispute errors in your reports
  • File paperwork. We help you file dispute letters and request an investigation
  • FCRA experience. Our lawyers have extensive FCRA experience so we pinpoint errors and violations and determine the appropriate remedy
  • Draft documents. We file all paperwork with the tenant companies and courts for you
  • Representation. We represent you in court when necessary and negotiate with tenant companies for a sizable settlement.

Contact Consumer Attorneys

If you have questions or issues with a tenant screening report or rental housing application, you can contact us online via our LIVE chat feature - anytime! You can also call our office at 1-877-615-1725. Our background check lawyers are highly knowledgeable regarding the rules and regulations pertaining to both landlords and renters and will be able to provide you with invaluable assistance. If you prefer to chat with us via email, you can reach us at [email protected].

It’s important that when you choose a law firm, you choose to work with lawyers who actually care about their clients and have the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate on your behalf. We have helped thousands of clients recover millions of dollars. We assist you with all of your questions and concerns and get to work right away determining what the best course of action is for your particular situation.

You can expect to receive customized advice and not be treated like another “number.” Your situation is important to us and we will help you get justice for errors contained in tenant screening reports as well as lost opportunities.


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