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18 Apr, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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Is your TurboTenant Background Check Flawed? Fight Back with Consumer Attorneys!

Don't let a single report define your housing story. Uncover the power of background check disputes, understand your legal rights, and take control of your rental journey. With the proper guidance from Consumer Attorneys, you can move past TurboTenant errors and find your new home fairly and legally.

Discrepancies in TurboTenant background checks can significantly impact your rental journey. Even without a criminal history, inaccuracies in a TurboTenant background check may lead to rental denials, affecting your housing prospects and personal standing. Swiftly addressing these errors is crucial; consulting a background check attorney well-versed in tenant rights and regulations can be invaluable for a prompt resolution. 

We will walk you through the TurboTenant Background Check process for correcting errors, navigating the process, and even getting legal help. From tradeline mix-ups to delayed reports, we've got you covered! Take control, dispute errors like a pro, and find background check lawyers if needed. This guide empowers you to understand your rights and conquer background checks. Let's tackle this together! 

About TurboTenant

If you’re wondering if TurboTenant is legit- the answer is yes! TurboTenant is a third-party tenant screening company used by businesses across various industries. TurboTenant is described as a “rental business in a box.” Whereby TurboTenant offers software and processes tailored specifically for landlords to make their rentals more efficient. Some of TurboTenant’s offerings include advertising, payments, applications, screening, and leases.

TurboTenant Background Check: What It Is?

TurboTenant's background check is an essential tool in the screening process for potential tenants. It provides valuable information about an individual's criminal history, rental history, and other important details that help landlords make an informed decision. This wealth of information allows landlords to assess the suitability of a tenant based on their past behavior and financial stability.

Does TurboTenant do Background Checks?

Yes and No. TurboTenant does offer background checks as a core part of its TurboTenant screening report services. However, TurboTenant does not “do” the background checks. Instead, it partners with companies like TransUnion to conduct the background check..

Here's how it works:

  • Landlords initiate the process
  • Applicants provide information
  • TurboTenant partners with a trusted provider

Whose Background Does TurboTenant Check?

The TurboTenant screening report generated by TurboTenant offers a detailed analysis of a rental applicant's background information. This report provides landlords with crucial data that can help them assess the suitability and reliability of potential tenants.

Who Does TurboTenant Use for Background Checks?

Although it’s difficult to know exactly who TurboTenant uses for TurboTenant tenant screening checks, it’s suggested that TurboTenant partners with TransUnion, a leading credit bureau. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), TransUnion functions as a consumer reporting agency (CRA), acquiring, reviewing, and compiling consumer information from data furnishers. 

Data furnishers are the entities you encounter in everyday life—banks, credit card companies, mortgage lenders, auto finance lenders, and service providers. Additionally, third-party companies contribute by extracting consumer data from municipal records, such as court, tax, and property records, packaging and selling this information to the CRAs. Understanding this intricate web of credit reporting is vital for consumers navigating the complex landscape of financial decisions.

Is It Safe for Me?

The reliance on background checks, including TurboTenant's screening, is not without risks. Errors in these reports can have significant consequences. That’s why consumer protection attorneys stand ready to assist you if you face challenges arising from inaccuracies.

Since background check companies are considered CRAs, they must follow specific procedures that maximize accuracy regarding the reporting of your information.

If a background check company does not follow the law, it can find itself in deep trouble. You should know your rights and the procedures background check companies must follow.

Under the FCRA, some of the procedures that must be followed, include obligations that background check companies must:

  1. Provide you with information about the FCRA
  2. Honor the rights of applicants and employees
  3. Get your authorization before running a background check
  4. Report accurate information
  5. Investigate and respond to information disputes within 30 days
  6. Correct errors
  7. Pay for your legal costs if you have to sue them and you win

When Does TurboTenant Do Background Checks?

TurboTenant typically conducts background checks during the Turbo tenant screening report process. Landlords or property managers using TurboTenant tenant screening for background checking purposes initiate the checks, which provide valuable insights into an applicant's criminal records, eviction history, credit, employment verification, and rental references. The timing of the background check aligns with the landlord's need to make informed decisions before finalizing lease agreements and ensuring the suitability of applicants for their rental properties.

What Does TurboTenant Look for in a Background Check?

Your Turbo Tenant background check will screen you based on your eviction history as well as financial and criminal records.

TurboTenant Criminal Background Check

TurboTenant's criminal background check service allows landlords to customize their screening packages based on their specific concerns.

Typically, most criminal background checks include key areas including:

  1. Felony convictions
  2. Misdemeanor convictions
  3. Sex offender registries
  4. Open cases and warrants
  5. Time since offense

These may vary, so it’s important to speak with the landlord and reach out to Turbo Tenant about your screening report directly if you have additional questions or concerns.

How Far Back Do TurboTenant Background Checks Go?

The timeframe for TurboTenant's background checks varies depending on the analyzed data. Also, if you’re wondering, “does TurboTenant check credit?” TurboTenant’s partners may pull credit reports typically covering seven years, criminal records can go back decades depending on the offense, and eviction history generally covers seven years in most states. Landlords can customize the extent of each check so the overall time frame can adjust based on their preferences and local regulations.

How Does TurboTenant Interpret What They Find in Background Checks?

TurboTenant's background checks reveal credit scores, evictions, and criminal records. Landlords take the information provided and scan for red flags and deal-breakers like bad credit or past evictions. But the story doesn't end there. References, interviews, and employment checks often help complete the picture.

TurboTenant provides landlords with data, but the artistry of crafting the final decision lies with them – and with that power comes the responsibility for landlords to act reasonably according to housing laws, free of discriminatory practices. It's a data-driven dance with human judgment, leading to the landlord's informed verdict.

TurboTenant Background Check: How Long Does It Take?

TurboTenant's background check typically takes 24-48 hours. However, you may encounter delays or challenges, and it's essential to understand the reasons behind any extended processing times. Consumer protection attorneys can offer guidance in such situations.

How Long Do TurboTenant Background Checks Usually Take?

While TurboTenant typically delivers background checks within 24-48 hours, unexpected factors can sometimes delay the process. Here are a few common reasons and how to address them:

Errors. Inaccurate or outdated information in public records or credit databases can lead to delays as TurboTenant works to verify data.

Incomplete Information. Missing or unverified details in your application, such as previous addresses or employment history, may require additional verification, extending the process.

Technical Issues. System outages, data processing delays, or connectivity problems occasionally slow down background check completion. If you experience an extended delay, contact TurboTenant's customer support for updates and assistance. If you encounter significant errors that could negatively impact your rental prospects, consider seeking guidance from a credit reporting attorney.

Different Statuses of TurboTenant Background Checks

TurboTenant offers real-time background check status updates, providing landlords and tenants transparency. Status updates may range from pending to active.

What Each TurboTenant Status Means

Understanding TurboTenant's status updates is vital for both landlords and tenants.

Here are some possible TurboTenant status updates. Please keep in mind that every background check company is different, and you will need to contact TurboTenant directly to understand the different statuses, their meaning, and how they apply to your specific situation.

Active. The property is currently available for rent and actively seeking tenants.

Leased. The property has been successfully rented and is no longer available.

Pending. A rental application has been submitted and is under review by the landlord.

How to Check the Status of Your TurboTenant Background Check

Checking the status of a TurboTenant background check is a straightforward process. By logging into their TurboTenant account, you should be able to access the background check section, where detailed updates on each stage should be provided. 

TurboTenant Says My Background Check Needs Attention

Usually, prompt action is needed when TurboTenant notifies you that your background check needs attention. It indicates potential discrepancies or red flags that require clarification.

TurboTenant Background Check Suspended. What Does It Mean?

Facing a "suspended" TurboTenant background check could signal a hurdle in your application process. Occasionally, issues related to unusual activity or TransUnion (their screening partner) might be factors.

The positive aspect? You can address this hurdle!

  1. Reach out to TurboTenant for updates.
  2. Thoroughly review your application for accuracy.
  3. Understand your rights to access and dispute any report errors.
  4. If uncertainties persist, a consumer protection attorney can assist.

A delay may slow things down a bit, but it doesn't always equate to a rejection.

TurboTenant Background Check Problems

TurboTenant makes background checks easier, but bumps still exist. Watch out for inaccurate info, limited choices, frustrating delays, dispute hassles, and potential bias. Knowledge is power! Transparency and tenant education pave the way for smoother rentals. Stay informed and proactive to jump these hurdles like a pro!

Why Am I Deactivated for My Background Check in TurboTenant?

Deactivation in TurboTenant may prompt questions. Understanding common factors leading to deactivation is important. Deactivation may occur for unpaid fees, suspicious activity, or technical issues. It’s important to reach out to TurboTenant directly for concerns about your deactivated account.

How to Dispute a TurboTenant Rejected Background Check

You have a right to dispute a rejected background check with TurboTenant if information in the report is inaccurate, misleading, or false. Generally, reviewing the report, gathering evidence, and contacting TurboTenant's customer support is a good starting point.

Since TurboTenant is a third-party company that works with consumer reporting agencies like TransUnion, you should also dispute the background check with TransUnion.

Here’s a general guide for disputing with TransUnion:

  • Consult a consumer protection attorney. Address errors affecting finances, employment, or rental opportunities with expert legal guidance.
  • Directly file a dispute with TransUnion. Take action against inaccuracies by filing a dispute, emphasizing the mistake, and providing supporting evidence.
  • Opt for certified mail. Preserve your right to legal action by choosing certified mail over online dispute platforms.
  • Follow up on disputes. Ensure timely resolution by tracking the status of your dispute and seeking legal assistance if the process exceeds 30 days.

Stay proactive, assert your rights, and secure the assistance of Consumer Attorneys for effective and timely resolution of background check disputes.

Why You Should Dispute a Rejected Background Check

Fighting a flawed background check on TurboTenant isn't just about getting on with life; it's about protecting your rights. Consumer protection attorneys champion the process – challenging errors ensures fair treatment and empowers you to control your narrative. Remember, disputing inaccuracies isn't just about housing; it's about personal growth and standing tall. So, take action, grab the reins, and get that report right!

The Chances of TurboTenant's Decision Reversed

The likelihood of TurboTenant's decision being reversed depends on various factors. Legal grounds and regulatory frameworks play a role in reversal.

Who Can Help You with Disputing?

If you need to dispute background check errors, you deserve support from lawyers who can relate to your situation. At Consumer Attorneys, we stand with consumers nationwide, representing individuals like you in state and federal courts. We have helped recover millions from companies, including TurboTenant, demonstrating our commitment to guiding clients through complex legal processes for fair resolutions. 

Handling cases of credit reporting, background check errors, debt collection harassment, EFTA, and more, we approach each matter with diligence. No case is deemed too big or too small. And you can benefit from our complimentary case review at zero costs for you. Contact our team today, and let us help you with disputing your TurboTenant background check report and advocate for your rights. 

Lawsuits against Background Check Companies that work with TurboTenant

Life can stutter on a single wrong line of text. Housing, cars, essentials – paperwork errors slam doors shut. But read our clients' stories. They refused red tape roadblocks, fought back, won, and reclaimed their lives. You deserve the same. Don't let errors define your future. We fight for you. Contact us. Rewrite your story.

David B. v. TransUnion (Florida)

David, mistakenly reported as deceased, experienced severe consequences, including the loss of vital government benefits. The error affected his medical care and even complicated hospital check-ins. Despite correcting the issue with the financial department, David faced ongoing problems, impacting his ability to secure vehicle financing. Through our assistance, he received a cash settlement, allowing him to move forward.

Angela K. v. TransUnion (Louisiana)

Angela was erroneously flagged by TransUnion as a deceased person on her credit report. As a result of this error, Angela faced challenges in refinancing her home and obtaining credit. TransUnion’s inaccurate reporting not only led to financial hurdles but also caused emotional distress. We successfully helped Angela correct the errors and secure the damages she deserved.

Alma R. v. TransUnion (California)

Alma faced hurdles in obtaining a car loan due to errors in her credit report caused by TransUnion. Inaccurate trade lines adversely affected her financial standing, leading to a denial of the loan. Despite feeling constrained, Alma proactively contacted Consumer Attorneys to address TransUnion's errors. The legal battle resulted in a significant settlement, highlighting the importance of accurate data management by credit bureaus and emphasizing the responsibility they bear in handling individuals' financial information.

Explore Your Options

We've assisted individuals with situations similar to yours, recognizing that each client is distinct. We acknowledge that discovering TurboTenant background check errors requires personalized solutions, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

As a nationwide firm, our skilled attorneys are everywhere you are, prepared to champion your case! And you won't incur any out-of-pocket costs. Contact us at [email protected], complete the online intake form, or engage in a live chat via our virtual chat feature on our website.


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