How to Reactivate an Instacart Account? Unlock Your Work Rights.

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  • How to Reactivate an Instacart Account? Unlock Your Work Rights.
17 May, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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Life After Instacart Deactivates Your Shopper Account - Learn Your Options!

Has Instacart blocked your account access? Don't fret! You have options, and we explain them all. Learn why Instacart deactivates accounts and how to appeal the decision. If your account was deactivated for an unfair reason like background check errors, we can help! Continue reading to learn how to get back on track.

For many people, discovering Instacart revolutionized their grocery shopping routine. Before this, people typically relied on traditional visits to the grocery store. But now, the convenience and flexibility offered by Instacart is remarkable, particularly with Instacart shoppers managing everything from groceries to personal items.

On the other side of this story lies the fact that many Instacart shoppers, who rely on the platform to support their families, are unexpectedly deactivated without explanation. If you’re one of those shoppers, you need to explore why deactivations occur, how to reapply for Instacart account access, and avenues for assistance, particularly regarding errors in background checks. Let's delve in!

Why Did Instacart Deactivate Your Account?

On Instacart’s site, they state several reasons why a shopper may have an Instacart locked account or deactivation such as if a shopper requests deactivation, if there is fraud, and “other” risks. Other risks can include things like very low ratings, too many complaints, canceling an excessive amount of orders, violating policies and procedures, and failing a background check.

Why did you fail your background check?

For starters, you may be questioning why your Instacart background check is taking forever. This is valid, but sometimes a longer than normal background check isn’t cause for concern. However, there are times when it could mean that you have failed a background check. 

Second, you may also be questioning why your Instacart background check is suspended, or why your Instacart background check is denied altogether. You can receive a failed Instacart background check for many reasons, but unbeknownst to many people, failing a background check can be caused by mistakes in reporting made by background check companies. These mistakes show up due to a lack of following protocol, human errors, outdated information, mixing up consumers’ files, and much more! This is why it’s important to monitor your background reports and dispute errors when you find them.

If you believe you were deactivated by Instacart because of background check errors, you should contact our consumer law attorneys for assistance.

How to Reactivate Your Instacart Account

You may be wondering why your Instacart account is deactivated and how to reactivate it. If your deactivation stems from legitimate reasons, your options may be limited.

Instacart account deactivated - How to reactivate

When seeking reactivation of a deactivated Instacart account, start by contacting Instacart directly. Below are some tips when contacting Instacart:

  1. Contact customer service in the app, when possible. If your shopper account is deactivated you may not have access to the shopper features, but some shoppers have access to Instacart accounts that are not shopper accounts. There is an option to speak with customer service via chat in the regular Instacart app. Pro tip: After downloading the app, sign up with an email that is different from the one used for your shopper account. Go to the help center and use the “live agent” feature to connect with customer service about your deactivated shopper account.
  2. If you can’t speak with someone via the app, try contacting customer service via the help center or call directly at 1-888-246-7822.
  3. Try talking to a consumer protection lawyer. While contacting Instacart may not always yield results, if you believe your deactivation was discrimination-related, or triggered by erroneous background check information, talk to a consumer protection lawyer. 

Wrongfully deactivated Instacart account - Background check errors

To address the wrongful deactivation of your Instacart account due to background check errors, it's essential to take action against the background check company for any reporting inaccuracies. Start by familiarizing yourself with your rights and initiating the dispute process. Below are some steps you can take when disputing background check errors: 

  • Obtain a copy of your background report. You have a right under the FCRA to get a copy of your background check for FREE!
  • Review the report to identify errors. Be sure to review the background report and highlight errors. Doing so will help you later in the dispute process.
  • Contact a background check attorney. An attorney can help you no matter where you are in the dispute process. An attorney will provide valuable guidance in navigating the dispute process effectively, including helping you write and submit a dispute letter to the background check company, as well as file a lawsuit when needed.

Keep in mind that background check errors that cost you a job, hurt you financially, or leave lasting emotional stress might entitle you to compensation.

Contact Consumer Attorneys

If you want to file a claim against Instacart for a wrongfully deactivated Instacart account or file a lawsuit against a background check company for false reporting in background checks we can help you! We can also help if you have been underpaid and not paid overtime!

Contact us directly at [email protected], anytime via our LIVE chat feature on our website and by phone at 1-877-615-1725. We hope to connect with you soon!


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