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15 May, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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Everything You Need to Know about FedEx Background Checks, Errors & Disputes – Consumer Attorneys!

You must pass a background check to work for FedEx but sometimes there are errors that cost you the job and your livelihood. Learn what to do if you experience FedEx background check errors and how Consumer Attorneys can assist you by disputing errors and getting you money! Read on to learn everything you need to know about FedEx background checks.

If you've applied for a job with FedEx, chances are you've undergone a background check. These checks are standard procedure for a company of FedEx's size, especially when the role involves handling valuable merchandise that customers expect to receive promptly and intact. FedEx conducts these checks to ensure trustworthiness and minimize risk to the company. While background checks are routine, errors in the process are not!

In this blog, we'll delve into the world of FedEx background checks, covering what they involve, why they're conducted, and what you can anticipate during the process. Additionally, we'll address the issue of background check errors and provide guidance on how to address them effectively, whether you're a prospective employee or a current member of the FedEx team.

About FedEx

FedEx Corporation or “FedEx” is a worldwide company that started in 1971 and is widely known for its courier delivery services and for employing over 500,000 people. FedEx requires employees to submit to background checks before being hired. 

FedEx Background Check: What It Is?

FedEx background checks evaluate job applicants’ backgrounds in several areas prior to offering them job opportunities with the company. FedEx will work with outside companies to screen factors like driving records and criminal records, and to conduct reference checks. 

Does FedEx do background checks?

FedEx does not “do” background checks. FedEx does however require employment background checks prior to employment and it hires a third-party company to complete the checks.

Whose background does FedEx check?

FedEx conducts background checks on all job applicants and current employees. Doing so helps ensure the safety and security of FedEx and your packages.

Who Does FedEx Use for Background Checks?

FedEx uses the services of background check companies like First Advantage to check the background of job applicants prior to offering them a job.

Is It Safe for Me?

Typically, FedEx background checks are “safe.” During the screening your data should be protected through encryption.

The main issue many consumers have with FedEx background checks is when the background screenings contain errors. Errors may include anything from mixing up applicants’ data to processing errors. If you have background check error concerns do not wait too long before contacting consumer rights attorneys for assistance.

When Does FedEx Do Background Checks?

FedEx typically requires background checks before employment which may be either before or after a conditional offer. Background checks can also be conducted periodically during employment like before promotions or transfers to new locations.

Can You Drive for FedEx Without a Background Check?

No. Background checks are required especially for FedEx drivers and those in which the nature of employment requires a high level of trust (like driving and package handling).

What Does FedEx Look for in a Background Check?

FedEx will look for different things depending on the job title, but can and often looks for everything from driving history to criminal records during background checks.

Driving History

For driving positions, FedEx will check motor vehicle records and validate driver’s licenses, determine if drivers have any DUIs or other offenses, and make a decision if the driver will be a liability or asset to the company based on their previous driving history.

FedEx Criminal Background Check

Along with a driving records check FedEx will look at each applicant’s criminal background. Below is some of what you can expect FedEx to check during a criminal background screening:

  1. Felony convictions
  2. Drug offenses
  3. Violent crimes records
  4. Misdemeanor convictions
  5. Sex offender registries

How Far Back Do FedEx Background Checks Go?

A criminal and driving record check within the last 7 to 10 years is normally part of the standard FedEx screening process. How far back the check goes will depend on the job title and the state you live in.

How Does FedEx Interpret What They Find in Background Checks?

FedEx assesses what is found based on its internal procedures and scoring metrics. We suggest that job applicants focus on the quality of the background check, whether or not it paints an accurate depiction of your background, and if it contains errors (which are a violation of the FCRA).

If you find errors you should quickly dispute them before they cost you additional opportunities. Later in this article we discuss what you can do to dispute background check errors including filing a complaint.

FedEx Background Check: How Long Does It Take

A FedEx background check should take anywhere from a couple of days to a week to complete, but every situation is different.

How Long Do FedEx Background Checks Usually Take?

Generally, FedEx background checks take 3-5 business days to complete. And they can occasionally require as long as a week if additional documents or validation are needed. If your background check takes longer than a week, there may be issues that require your attention or errors made by the background screening company.

Why Is Your FedEx Background Check Taking So Long?

If you believe your background results are taking too long to complete, please check out the reasons below why your FedEx background check may be taking longer than expected:

Reason 1: Third-party delays

FedEx relies on data from third parties like background check companies and courts (for driving and criminal records). It will take longer for the background check to complete if third parties (like courts) are taking longer to sort through the details of your background or if court delays like holidays slow the processing time down.

Reason 2: The position requires a more in-depth check

If you are applying for a position that requires a higher level of trust and more responsibilities (like a supervisory role), your background check may take longer than others.

Reason 3: Multiple states, addresses, and names

If you’ve lived in multiple states and had several different addresses, or changed your name due to marriage or some other reason, the time it takes for your background check to process will likely be longer than those with less information to verify.

Different Statuses of FedEx Background Checks

Background check companies usually have status updates that alert you to what step in the screening process the company is on. Check out some of those statuses below.

What Each FedEx Status Means

Common FedEx background check statuses and what they indicate:


This usually means your application is in progress and being processed. The background check company is using the information you supplied to them and FedEx to confirm your identity and other details.


If the status is error it could mean a multitude of things, including an issue with the background company’s internal system or an issue processing some of the information you provided.


FedEx may cancel your application if it has attempted to reach you and you’ve failed to respond.


If you pass a screening it usually means no major issues were found and you have successfully passed the background check.


A failed status generally signals that significant problems were discovered during the check. You have a right by law to get a copy of the report and also dispute any errors you find and also sue for harm caused as a result of the mistakes in the report.

How to Check the Status of Your FedEx Background Check

You can check your FedEx background check status by logging into the applicant portal if one was made available to you and also contacting the background check provider directly.

FedEx Says My Background Check Needs Attention

If your background check needs attention, it likely means you haven’t failed per se, but you need to supply additional documents and provide the information needed to continue the report. Additional information needed can include an explanation of multiple addresses, gaps in employment, additional references, etc.

FedEx Background Check Suspended. What It Means

If your background check has been suspended, it means the process has stopped because the background company requested that you provide additional documents within a certain amount of time and you failed to provide the documents within the time allowed.

FedEx Background Check Problems

Some of the common disqualifiers or problems that can come up during background checks include:

  •  Inconsistent information
  • Too many criminal or driving offenses
  • Job-related criminal offenses 
  •  Violent offenses
  • Offenses that are sexual in nature

Why Am I Deactivated for My Background Check in FedEx?

If you have been deactivated by FedEx, it is likely because of background check concerns due to major violations or inconsistent information. If any of the details about reported violations are inaccurate, misleading, or false, you have grounds to dispute and potentially sue for corrections and compensation.

How to Dispute a FedEx Rejected Background Check

You have a right to dispute a rejected background check. You can start the dispute process by getting a copy of the background check results and then contacting an attorney. The attorney will review the results with you and help you dispute via certified mail when applicable. An attorney will also help you file a lawsuit against the screening company.

Why You Should Dispute a Rejected Background Check

You should dispute a rejected background check if you believe your background check contains errors or if it was illegally and unfairly rejected. A rejected background check can cause many problems for you including missed job opportunities with FedEx and other companies.

The Chances of FedEx’s Decision Being Reversed

The possibility of a FedEx decision reversal is pretty slim according to former prospective FedEx employees who turned to social media to voice their grievances. However, anything is possible and your situation may be an exception to the rule if you were rejected due to errors in your background report and you take the right steps.

Who Can Help You with Disputing

If you need help disputing a FedEx background check, you can contact Consumer Attorneys. Our team of lawyers can dispute both credit report errors and background check errors.

Lawsuits against Background Check Companies (FedEx contractors)

Violent Misdemeanors Case

Our client was wrongly denied work at FedEx multiple times because First Advantage sold inaccurate background reports about them to FedEx. These reports wrongly showed our client guilty of two violent misdemeanors. In reality, these charges were either pending or had been resolved through a plea agreement. This violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and cost our client career opportunities. We pursued First Advantage on our client's behalf, securing a significant settlement for the harm caused by its inaccurate reporting.


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