Uber Background Checks: Everything You Need to Know

  • Uber Background Checks: Everything You Need to Know
03 Apr, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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If Errors in Your Uber Background Check Report Result in a Denial to be an Uber Driver, We Can Help You File a Dispute.

Errors in your Uber background check can result in lost income and reputational damage, and you have the right to dispute them. A consumer protection lawyer can help. We explain the Uber background check process, your rights, and how we can help restore your job prospects, financial health, and reputation. Call Today for a free consultation.

Ridesharing services like Uber have revolutionized the way people travel. Uber drivers offer convenience, flexibility, and affordability. To be effective, they must also assure their riders that they can trust Uber drivers. To garner that trust, Uber conducts background checks on their drivers.

As much as rideshare services like Uber have changed the way we travel, they have also changed the way we work. In many respects, rideshare services have changed the way we think about work. People who drive for Uber come from all different backgrounds and drive for Uber for scores of varied reasons. The common denominator among Uber drivers, however, is that they must undergo and pass an Uber background check before they can work at Uber. Additionally, they must undergo and pass periodic background checks while they work for Uber.

A person who applies to be an Uber driver should know what Uber background checks are, the scope of the background check, the process of the Uber background check, potential Uber background check issues, and how an experienced background check attorney can help you address any issues and perhaps get damages if Uber denied you because of a background check.

About Uber

Uber was founded in 2009 in San Francisco by two businessmen frustrated with conventional taxi services. It grew quickly and has not only changed the concept of sharing rides worldwide but has also challenged other standard frameworks with its other ventures like Uber Eats. Uber survived many legal, regulatory, and competitor challenges and has evolved to symbolize the shift in how we perceive both transportation and work.

To be effective, Uber must be a convenient, safe, and cost-effective alternative to traditional taxis and public transportation. Therefore, safety and trust are necessary for both Uber riders and Uber drivers. This makes the Uber and Uber Eats background check process a necessary component of their service.

Uber Background Check: What is it?

Does Uber Do Background Checks?

Yes, Uber performs thorough background checks on all potential drivers. This is a critical step in ensuring the safety and security of both riders and drivers. To do a background check on you, Uber will need your permission. They will also need your permission for an Uber Eats background check.

Whose Background Does Uber Check?

Uber conducts background checks on all drivers before they can start accepting rides. This thorough check covers various aspects of a potential driver’s driving history, including their criminal history.

Who Does Uber Use for Background Checks?

Uber collaborates with third-party background check providers. For the majority of their background checks, Uber uses a company called Checkr. Checkr and other employment-related screening companies specialize in producing comprehensive reports.

Is it Safe for Me?

Yes, these checks are designed to protect both riders and drivers by ensuring only qualified individuals drive for Uber.

When Does Uber Do Background Checks?

Uber conducts these checks during the driver application process. You must pass the Uber background check before you can start driving. Uber also performs additional checks periodically and runs driving and criminal history checks on its drivers every year.

Can YOU Drive for Uber Without a Background Check?

Definitely not. All Uber drivers must pass a background check before they can start driving for Uber. This information is true for the Uber Eats background check also.

What Does Uber Look for in a Background Check?

What Uber seeks in its background check will depend on local and state laws. Some cities or states may permit or require Uber to check employment history, while others may limit the look-back period for this and other types of information. Additionally, Uber will verify that you have at least one year of driving experience in the United States (or three years of driving experience if you are under the age of 23). The Uber background check will not include a credit check.

Driving History

Uber reviews your driving record, which includes your motor vehicle records report. They will verify that you have a license and look for any traffic violations, accidents, citations, or infractions of any kind.

Uber Driver Criminal Background Check

This check includes an examination of criminal and court records. Uber is looking for any past criminal offenses that might disqualify someone from driving for Uber. A criminal background check will include misdemeanor convictions, felony convictions, sex offender registries, federal watchlists, and all pending charges. Local and state laws will determine if a prior conviction will disqualify a potential driver from driving for Uber.

How Far Back Do Uber Background Checks Go?

Uber's background checks typically look back seven years, though this can vary based on local laws. For instance, the look-back period for certain criminal offenses or employment history may differ by state.

How Does Uber Interpret What They Find in Background Checks?

Local and state laws will determine how Uber assesses what it finds in your background check. An experienced background check attorney will be the best source of information on this. Uber says it assesses each case individually and then considers the nature and severity of any findings. Any convictions for violent crimes in the last seven years will generally disqualify drivers. As will any major traffic violation in the last seven years. If an Uber background check reveals less severe violations like speeding, it will depend on how many such violations an applicant driver has and when they got them.

Uber Background Check: How Long Does It Take?

How Long Uber Background Checks Usually Take

The Uber driver background check time will vary depending on the circumstances. While most checks are completed within a few days to a week, some background checks will take just a few seconds, and some will take longer than seven days. Know that companies like Uber rely on background check companies like Checkr to run and provide reports as soon as they are able.

How Long Does Uber Eats Background Check Take?

The Uber Eats background check time is typically the same as Uber. Both entities typically use Checkr for their background checks.

Why Is Uber Background Check Taking So Long?

If it feels like your Uber background check is taking too long, know that delays can happen due to incomplete information, high volumes of applications, issues with the third-party background check provider, or issues with any of the sources or repositories of driver data.

Different Statuses of Uber Background Checks

What Each Uber Status Means

  • Pending: Your background check is still in progress.
  • Consider: There might be issues that need further review.
  • Clear: You have passed the background check.
  • Adverse Action: Potential disqualification based on the findings of the background check.

How to Check the Status of Your Uber Background Check

You can check the status of our Uber background check through the Uber driver app, through the Uber website, or by contacting Uber support by telephone or email. The Uber Eats background check status designations are the same.

Uber Says My Background Check Needs Attention

This indicates there may be issues or missing information on your application that will require additional input from you. If you are already driving for Uber, then this could mean that you need to update your criminal background check information.

Uber Background Check Suspended- What It Means

This could mean that the background check revealed something serious and that Uber will need to do some further investigation.

Uber Background Check Problems

Sometimes, an Uber background check will contain errors or inaccuracies. This can happen for several reasons, including a flaw in the data retrieval or reporting processes. This can also happen due to misspellings or wrong information submitted to the numerous data repositories that house city and state motor vehicle and criminal records.

Why Am I Deactivated for My Background Check in Uber

If you are currently driving for Uber and find yourself deactivated, it may be because Uber was unable to complete your annual background check. If your Uber background check is expiring or if your driver application needs updating, you can update your criminal background check information on the Uber website. You will need to upload new and current driver information. You can also contact an Uber deactivation lawyer.

If you are a driver applicant, this could happen if the background check identified information that disqualifies you from driving for Uber. It could also mean that there are pending issues with the background check that will require your intervention to be resolved.

How to Dispute Uber Rejected Background Check

If Uber declines your driver application based on information in your background check, you have the right to dispute that failed Uber background check and to know which specific information in the report led to the rejection. If that information is inaccurate, you can file a dispute with Checkr. Steps to take:

  1. Ask Uber the specific reason for the denial. Uber is legally obligated to tell you which information in your background check report it relied on in making the decision.
  2. Request a copy of the Checkr background check report. You have the right to review your background check report. Checkr may allow you to request a copy at the time that you provide your data. If not, request a copy from Checkr or Uber.
  3. Review it carefully, looking for errors.
  4. If you detect an error in the report and Uber denied you due to that error, you can dispute that with Checkr. You should dispute any errors as soon as possible, providing all required documentation and requesting an investigation of the data.
  5. If your response from Checkr is unsatisfactory or untimely, we can help you. By law, Checkr must respond to your dispute within 30 days of receipt.
  6. NOTE: We do not recommend filing a dispute or providing documentation via an online platform. Frequently, these platforms require you to waive your right to file a lawsuit arising out of the dispute. Giving up your right to pursue legal action against Checkr is not a good idea when you don’t know how the situation will be resolved.

We recommend filing a dispute and submitting documentation via certified mail.

Why You Should Dispute a Rejected Background Check

If Uber declines your driver application, you have the right to know why. If it’s the result of an error, there are several reasons why it’s important to dispute it:

  • Employment: The immediate consequence of the error is that Uber denied your employment application. Ultimately, you will want the dispute to clarify this and get you the job.
  • Avoid Other Missed Opportunities: If the inaccurate information is not fixed, it can lead to later denials of future employment. You will need to ask Checkr to fix the error. This not only affects current employment prospects but can have long-term repercussions for your career.
  • Avoid Reputational Damage: The ripple effects of being denied Uber employment have the potential to follow you and affect other areas of your life. Get it fixed.
  • Hold Companies Accountable: By law, Checkr is required to be accurate in the information included in your background check report and to investigate and correct any errors. If Checkr fails in this obligation, you have the right to hold it accountable and pursue compensation for any financial and emotional damages.

The Chances of Uber’s Decision Reversed

The likelihood of Uber reversing its decision will depend on the specific circumstances of the denial, the background check company’s findings, and Uber’s findings during the dispute process. If you successfully dispute any errors with Checkr, Uber will be more likely to reverse its decision. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) requires Checkr to investigate a dispute within 30 days. If they don’t, they are in violation of that law.

Uber is not legally obligated to reverse its hiring decision since it is relying in good faith on the information provided in Checkr’s background check report. However, you can ask Uber to reconsider your application once Checkr corrects its reporting errors.

Who Can Help You with Disputing

Talk with an experienced background check attorney for guidance. The consumer protection lawyers at Consumer Attorneys will be able to assess the reason for the denial of your Uber application and determine the best course of action. If the best course of action includes advocacy on your behalf and maybe filing a lawsuit against Checkr, then you will want an experienced and devoted attorney at your side.

Lawsuits against Background Check Companies Because of Uber

Consumer Attorneys has filed hundreds of lawsuits against background check companies for errors or unfair practices in their reports. This includes Checkr, and other companies Uber engages to perform its background checks.

We recently filed suit on behalf of a client who was denied employment with Uber Eats when Checkr erroneously reported on their Uber Eats background check that they had a misdemeanor conviction for driving under the influence of drugs. We settled that case for more than $50,000. We also recently settled a case for a client in Florida. Checkr had erroneously reported their social security number as “unverifiable,” and as a result, he was denied employment with Uber.

We think that sometimes companies – both the companies requesting the background check report and the companies scouring the internet for the background check data – undervalue the importance of accuracy and fairness in the background check process. And the law agrees with us, which is why the FCRA requires accuracy in the reporting of consumer data.

Folks have grown to rely on Uber for rides across town, and folks have grown to rely on Uber for work. Both need to be safe and secure, and both need to be fair and accurate.

Uber’s success is due in large measure to its safety and reliability. The background check process is a big part of ensuring that safety and trust. If you are a potential Uber driver and have been denied for driving for Uber for what you believe is a background check error, call Consumer Attorneys and speak with an attorney in the background check arena about your options and rights. Everyone wants Uber, Uber Eats, and indeed the whole rideshare ecosystem to be safe. To be safe, it must maintain its integrity, starting with the background checks that will determine Uber’s drivers.

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