Favor Account Suspended? Dispute It and Stand Up for Your Rights

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14 May, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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favor deliveryman tries to figure out why his favor account is suspended

If your Favor account is deactivated, you don’t have to take it sitting down or fight alone! Here’s how we can help.

If your Favor Delivery runner account has been deactivated, you may be asking yourself, “Why?” Far too often, the answer to that question is an error on a hastily prepared background check prepared by AI. You don’t need a lawyer to know that’s not right. But you might need a lawyer to help you stand up for your rights. Here’s how we can help.

If your Favor Delivery account has been suspended, terminated, or otherwise deactivated, you surely have some questions. Among them, “Why?”  This article will help you answer that and other questions and offer some guidance on how to dispute the deactivation and start making money again.

The attorneys at Consumer Attorneys have represented thousands of people whose jobs, reputations, income, mental health, and overall well-being were damaged by a mistake in their background check. Here’s what we’ve learned and here’s how we can help you - from guiding you through the dispute process to representing you when we sue the background check company.

About Favor Delivery

Favor Delivery is a popular service that delivers everything from groceries to restaurant meals to dry cleaning to personal items to its customers. It operates primarily in Texas and gives employment opportunities to thousands of delivery persons, called “runners,” who use the Favor app to accept and log delivery jobs.

These runners are crucial to Favor’s service, reputation, and business. Runners must maintain a Favor account in good standing to deliver for Favor. When a runner’s account is deactivated, they can’t deliver and can’t make money.

Background check issues are the primary reason for runners being deactivated. Errors in those background checks are far too common in these deactivation scenarios. When a person is deactivated because of a background check error, they lose their jobs, their livelihood, their income, their reputation, and so much else - all because of someone else’s error.

About Background Checks

Background checks are a standard procedure for companies managing freelance or part-time workers, particularly in the delivery industry. These checks aim to ensure the safety and reliability of the workforce by reviewing a candidate’s criminal record, driving history, and other personal data. While they are a necessary tool for maintaining standards, background checks can sometimes contain errors or outdated information that might unfairly affect your employment status.

Does Favor Do Background Checks?

Yes, Favor conducts background checks on all potential runners and periodically on all current runners. Favor uses a popular third-party company called Checkr to run their background checks.

You must give Favor written permission to run a background check on you.

A Checkr background check will usually take a couple of days. However, it could take longer depending on a runner’s residential history and the speed at which court databases respond to Checkr’s inquiries.

What Does Favor Look For in a Background Check?

The background check typically looks at criminal records and driving histories to assess whether an individual is suitable for the role of a runner. Applicants and current runners need to provide accurate information to avoid any potential issues. Favor wants to keep their customers and their communities safe. To that end, they identify the following as what they look for in a background check:

  • DUI, DWI, and reckless driving within the last seven years
  • More than two moving violations within the last three years 
  • Significant traffic citations within the last three years 
  • Assault, battery, and other violent crimes
  • Theft, burglaries, and crimes involving property damage
  • Sexual offense and harassment crimes
  • Other Felonies within the last seven years
  • Other Misdemeanors within the last seven years

How to Dispute a Favor Background Check

If Favor has deactivated or suspended your runner account, they must tell you why. If it’s because of a failed background check, a federal law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) dictates they must tell you that. If the information that Favor relied on was inaccurate, you can dispute it. Here’s how:

  • Obtain a Copy of Your Background Check. Under the FCRA, you are entitled to a free copy of your background check if it has been used against you for employment purposes, such as suspending your Favor account. Contact Checkr and request your report.
  • Review Your Background Check for Errors. Review every section thoroughly. Note every error and inaccuracy. Even the little ones will be important. Common errors might include mistaken identity, incorrect criminal records, or misreported traffic violations.
  • Contact Consumer Attorneys. If you find a mistake in your background check report, contact Consumer Attorneys. We’ll tell you what to do next. This could mean writing a dispute letter, or, depending on the circumstances, could mean more decisive legal action.

We are consumer law attorneys, and we work hard when companies don’t treat people the way they should. If someone else’s error has resulted in your Favor deactivation, let us know. Call us at 1-877-615-1725 or email us at [email protected] and let us know when we can talk. You can also visit our website and talk to a live representative online or fill out a contact form and let us know how best to contact you.


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