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Julie G.


Due to negative items on my credit report, I was unable to rent or obtain credit. The attorneys [at Consumer Attorneys] were very accommodating and thoroughly explained everything. They are professional, have good communication, and really do get the job done! I highly recommend them.

Paul S.


Experian was disclosing information on my credit report that was not supposed to be there. I tried to fix the problem on my own, but Experian made it worse. We were in the middle of buying a house, and we almost lost the financing. Consumer Attorneys was great to work with. They were very understanding of my situation and made the process very efficient. They were also respectful of my time. The attorneys were very accessible and they did a great job communicating with me. We got almost immediate results regarding fixing the credit report, and the financial settlement was a boon to my family that I believe fairly compensated us for the stress that Experian caused.

Angela G.


I was fixing up my credit history due to a huge debt from credit cards. I had never joined a company before this one and instead of helping me, I was scammed and nothing was resolved. This caused me a lot of distress. Consumer Attorneys was able to explain everything to me and they always accommodated me with anything I needed. I have peace of mind knowing that it is being settled.