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How to report identity theft

Identity theft can seriously damage consumers’ livelihoods and financial security - and they might not even realize they are victims of the crime until they learn that their credit has been destroyed through fraudulent purchases.

Consumers should always take basic steps to protect their personal information both online and in the physical space to keep themselves safe from identity thieves, and that includes keeping an eye on their credit to watch out for any suspicious activity.

But even vigilant consumers can fall victim to cybercriminals, who use increasingly sophisticated methods to steal their victims’ information and evade law enforcement. Additionally, online crooks can be hard for cops to catch, as the crimes are often being committed across state lines and international borders.

Repairing the damage that identity theft can wreak on a victim’s credit score is often a long and difficult process, but the experienced team at Consumer Attorneys is here to help. Write to us now and we will explore your case for free.


What consumers can do to protect themselves?

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Consumers should always practice good internet hygiene to protect themselves from identity theft -- don’t open suspicious looking emails, don’t share sensitive information with untrusted sources and don’t use the same password for multiple accounts, to name a few.

But online crooks can get their hands on consumers’ information by other means, like the information they can find in lost or stolen wallets -- especially Social Security cards. Tech-savvy thieves may hack smartphones, personal computers and computers for business.

And consumers may not realize that they’ve fallen victim to identity theft until months or even years down the line, often when they are applying for a loan or a credit card and are given the unpleasant surprise of learning that a fraudster has used their name to rack up big expenses and skipped out on the bill.

Luckily, there are ways for victims of identity theft to fight back and even bring their credit back into good standing.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, identity fraud victims can file suit against credit reporting bureaus to correct their records and may even be entitled to financial rewards. And they will have a bigger dog in the fight with experienced attorneys at their side.

Daniel C. Cohen

Identity Theft

Daniel C. Cohen

Daniel Cohen is the founding partner of Consumer Attorneys and co-chairs the firm’s Consumer Finance practice. Daniel also manages the firm’s client intake and development efforts.
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