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18 Apr, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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Questions about SageStream? You’re not the only one. Here’s all you need to know and how we can help you deal with errors.

SageStream has carved out a niche in the world of consumer reporting agencies. But the same rules and regulations still apply. When SageStream sells lenders, creditors, and others credit reports with errors, you pay the price. Here’s everything you need to know about SageStream and how to stand up for yourself.

While not one of the big three, SageStream, LLC (SageStream) is a consumer reporting agency (CRA) upon which lenders, credit card companies, insurance companies, utilities, wireless phone companies, auto loan financers, retail stores, and other companies rely to gauge a consumer’s creditworthiness. While a SageStream consumer report resembles and serves the same purpose as a credit report from the big three CRAs (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion), a SageStream report is unique in several respects. This article provides consumers with all you need to know about SageStream.

While this article provides an overview, we know that every consumer, every credit report, and everyone’s financial situation varies. If you have specific questions about SageStream or are in a SageStream dispute, contact an experienced consumer protection attorney. Consumer lawyers can assess your case and provide legal advice and legal strategy for your specific circumstances.

About SageStream Company

SageStream, LLC is a division of LexisNexis Risk Solutions. SageStream is a credit reporting agency that sells credit reports to lenders and potential lenders. SageStream is unique in several respects:

  • SageStream has its own credit score model. Whereas most CRAs use a score similar to the FICO score, which ranges between 300 and 850, a SafeStream score is between 001 and 999. What is a good SageStream score? There is little information on this. Traditionally, the higher a consumer’s credit score, the more creditworthy that consumer is. We can only assume that is the case with SageStream.
  • SageStream produces its credit reports using data from typical sources like credit cards and loans but also uses alternative data sources like utilities, wireless phones, and store credit. Why is this? SageStream produces credit reports for consumers with very little financial history.

How Does SageStream Conduct Credit Reports?

SageStream collects and compiles a consumer’s financial information. The stores, credit card companies, mobile phone services, automobile financiers, and financial institutions with which it has agreements transmit consumer data to SageStream regularly. SageStream assembles a consumer report based on that data, and when a lender or store asks for it, SageStream sells that report to it.

How Long Does a Credit Reporting from SageStream Take?

Typically, SageStream updates its records as it receives data from its creditor sources. So, your SageStream credit report changes frequently. SageStream is subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) so you are entitled to a free SageStream credit report every year. If you request your SageStream credit report on its website, you can receive it almost immediately.

What Information Does SageStream Provide in Their Credit Reports?

A SageStream credit report includes:

  • Personally identifiable information. Name, birthdate, address, Social Security Number.
  • Credit accounts. All your credit cards and loans, financial obligations to utilities like mobile phones, their opening dates, balances, and your payment history.
  • Public records. Bankruptcies and other relevant court information.
  • Inquiries. Any time a company inquires about your credit, that inquiry appears here.

If you see any errors in your SageStream credit report you should contact a consumer protection lawyer to dispute the credit report.

How Does Information Get on My SageStream Credit Report?

Lenders and creditors transmit your data to SageStream whenever you apply for a new credit card, apply for a loan, make a payment, miss a payment, use a credit card, file for bankruptcy, or do anything that affects your finances. 

How Does SageStream Determine My Credit Score?

SageStream does not use the standard score that most CRAs use. Instead, SageStream determines credit scores based on a calculation it developed itself. SageStream likely considers your payment history, credit utilization, length of credit history, types of credit you use, and recent credit inquiries. 

How Long Does Information Stay On SageStream Credit Report?

The FCRA establishes these rules. Most financial information, like credit account details and public records, stays on your SageStream credit report for seven years. Credit inquiries usually stay on the report for two years.

Which Companies Use SageStream Credit Reports?

Various businesses use SageStream credit reports. Any bank, credit card issuer, retail store, utility company, mobile phone company, auto lender, or loan company that needs to make a decision about whether to lend someone money or extend someone credit will use SageStream.

SageStream Identity Theft Protection

SageStream offers consumers too option to freeze their credit report. A credit freeze means that SageStream will not send your credit report to anyone. This prevents identity thieves from opening new accounts in your name.

Can Errors Occur in SageStream Credit Reports?

Yes. Errors can and often do occur in SageStream credit reports. When errors occur, the lender or creditor looking at the report is not getting an accurate picture of the consumer.

Inaccuracy in SageStream Credit Report

Any typo in a consumer’s name, any misplaced digits in a Social Security Number or address, any errors in a credit card balance or repayment history can cause huge problems.

Consumers should review their SageStream reports for accuracy.

SageStream Mixed File

This occurs when SageStream combines your credit data with someone else’s. It doesn’t matter how - whether a technical glitch or similar names or a misspelling somewhere - but something like this will negatively impact your SageStream credit score.

Mistakenly Reported as Deceased by SageStream

Sometimes, SageStream will identify a consumer as deceased. This makes obtaining credit difficult.

What Are the Consequences of Having Errors in Your Credit Report?

Any SageStream credit report error, no matter how big or how small, can result in you being denied credit or a loan. This can lead to lost opportunities, reputational damage, and emotional distress. If you do get credit, the interest rates will be higher as the lender or creditor will think you present a higher risk than you do.

You Can Contact SageStream if You Need to Correct an Error in Credit Report

If you see an error in your SageStream credit report, you can contact SageStream directly to dispute it. Write a dispute letter letting SageStream what’s inaccurate and include evidence like account or balance statements. There are many ways to dispute SageStream, but we advise you to dispute by sending your letter via certified U.S. mail. Sending the letter via certified U.S. mail preserves your rights to sue SageStream in the future. Send the letter to SageStream, LLC, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Consumer Center. P.O. Box 105108, Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5108

What to Do if You Do Not Receive Answers to Your Questions

The FCRA requires SageStream to investigate and reply to your dispute within 30 days. If it doesn’t, contact a consumer protection lawyer.

You Can Sue SageStream if There Is Incorrect Information in Credit Report

SageStream lawsuits are not uncommon. You can sue SageStream if they fail to investigate a dispute, fail to correct an error, or if their error has already caused you damages.

Who Can You Contact to Solve the Problem With an Error in SageStream Credit Report?

You should contact SageStream and file a formal dispute of the error. If that doesn’t yield appropriate results, contact a consumer protection attorney, like those on our top-tier team at Consumer Attorneys.

Assistance in Disputing SageStream Credit Report

A lawyer can guide you on the next steps, make sure that SageStream obeys all the relevant consumer protection laws, support you through the process, and, if necessary, file a lawsuit.

Lawsuits against SageStream

Consumer Attorneys has represented many consumers in lawsuits against SageStream, including L.L. v. SageStream. We sued SageStream on behalf of L.L., a Minnesota consumer, when SageStream misidentified them as deceased on their credit report. L.L. suffered damages, lost opportunities, and emotional distress from SageStream’s carelessness, and we settled on his behalf for a very favorable amount.

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If you’re experiencing issues with your SageStream credit report, we can help. We're a law firm that focuses almost exclusively on consumer protection law. We know SageStream. We know SageStream credit report complaints. We know litigation and how to get consumers the compensation they deserve when companies like SageStream don’t treat credit reports with the care they should.

We have represented thousands of consumers whom consumer reporting agencies, background check companies, and many others have wronged. Our goal is to hold these companies accountable when they make mistakes that hurt you, to get consumers the compensation they deserve, and to make sure things are as fair as they can be.


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