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Consumer Attorneys can help those in New Jersey that are dealing with problems covered by the FCRA, such as identity theft.

Virtually every American consumer has sensitive information tucked away in credit-report or consumer-report files that contain details regarding credit histories, driving records, employment verifications, debts owed,  bankruptcies, etc.  What many people aren't aware of is that errors in these types of reports continue to be responsible for New Jersey residents being bypassed for job positions, being fired for no apparent reason, being rejected for home loans or car loans, or being denied tenancy.

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Choose our experienced consumer right attorneys to face the challenges you have with debt collectors, background check companies, and credit reporting agencies. With over a decade of expertise, our legal firm has satisfied more than 10,000 clients and recovered over 250 million dollars in compensation. What's more, our services are entirely free for clients. Don't let these issues overwhelm you – contact our consumer rights attorney today and let us help you navigate the complexities of consumer law with confidence.

If you were to discover that one or more consumer-report errors had sabotaged a job position or a mortgage loan you applied for, you would be outraged.  You would want to seek justice – enter Consumer Attorneys!

At Consumer Attorneys, we connect those in New Jersey with local FCRA lawyer teams who fight for their clients' rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  You may be dealing with a debt collector's questionable information, a background-check report that lists you as a felon, or a credit-reporting agency that erroneously portrays your credit history in a negative light.  Regardless of what errors might have impacted your life or your livelihood, it's time to take aggressive action, and Consumer Attorneys is here to help!

There are instances where New Jersey consumers have filed disputes with the three major credit bureaus – Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax – only to be subjected to having their disputes ignored, delayed, or investigated improperly.  The Federal Trade Commission states that about 25% of American consumers have at least one error on one or more of their credit reports – are you in that number?

It is prudent to request free copies of your credit reports from each of the three major CRAs, once a year.  Carefully examine each report and make notations of any questionable entries.  If you notice anything suspicious, give Consumer Attorneys a call at +1 877-615-1725, right away!  You need an FCRA lawyer team, near you in New York, who will take the bull by the horns and right the wrongs!

The partial list, below, explains how damaging information can sneak its way into your life and, potentially, turn it upside down.

Merged Files – A similar or identical name within a family or outside a family can be, inadvertently,  merged into credit reports that bear the same or almost-the-same name.  Interestingly, as many as 35% of merged files involve family members.

Identity Theft – Identity theft is a pervasive problem in New Jersey with no signs of stopping.  If a thief were to steal your personal information, he or she would use your credit cards, bank accounts, etc. to make unlawful cash advances, purchases, open up lines of credit, or secure loans!

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America.  According to Javelin Strategy & Research, identity theft generated $16.9 billion in losses in the US, during 2019.  Also, during 2020, 47% of surveyed Americans experienced identity theft; 37% experienced application fraud, and 38% experienced unauthorized access with one or more existing accounts.

A continual monitoring of one's credit reports must be taken seriously.  If identity theft is suspected, you should:

  • File a police report – some creditors, lenders, and debt collectors may require this.
  • Fill out an identity-theft affidavit from the Federal Trade Commission at: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/pdf-0094-identity-theft-affidavit.pdf – this would need to be submitted to all, involved, creditors.  Also, their number is 1-877-438-4338.
  • Notify the CRAs – they can generate a 'credit freeze' that would prevent anyone – including you – from opening up a new line of credit in your name.  Transaction alerts with credit card issuers can be established, also, to provide additional security.

Unauthorized Access – The FCRA strictly limits who has a legitimate reason to view your credit reports.  Authorized searches are conducted by loan officers, potential landlords, employers, and others, with your permission.

If your credit report was accessed without your approval, you may notice accounts you never opened.  Also, if someone has viewed one or more of your accounts who does not have a permissible business purpose, you must take action, immediately!  Any type of unauthorized access should be viewed as potential identity theft.

Inaccurate Public Records – Frequently, CRAs will use independent agencies to search public records, and those independent agencies report back to the CRAs.  Public records with false and damaging information could include a bankruptcy that was discharged but not be reported, as such.  Also, inaccurate descriptions of properties are not uncommon.  A simple clerical error indicating the wrong square-footage of a home can create issues with lenders.  These examples of inaccuracies only scratch the surface.

Stale Debt – Some debts are old enough to be considered 'stale'.  Usually, trade lines (credit accounts reported to credit bureaus) should drop off one's credit report within 7 or 7 ½ years after the initial delinquency.  If any delinquent debt is still on your credit report that shouldn't be there, a New Jersey FCRA lawyer can address the challenges that are keeping the delinquent debt from dropping off.

Re-aging Debt – Unethical collection agencies may choose to modify the last payment date of a debtor's account in order to alter the statute of limitations.  A collection agency has no legal authority to change the 'Date of First Delinquency', and to do so is a gross violation of federal law and is a suable offense.

If a collection agency has re-aged the original date of delinquency on one or more of your accounts, you have the right to pursue a cause-of-action, as outlined by the FCRA and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Our legal professionals would be with you every step of the way.

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Legal representation is critical to ensuring consumers' rights are fully protected under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Our FCRA lawyers fight for their clients' rights, hold entities accountable, and work towards maximized financial damages – for those in New Jersey, justice will be served!

We encourage you to visit www.annualcreditreport.com to secure your free credit reports.  If any information looks questionable, give us a call, right away, at +1 877-615-1725 and take advantage of a free case review.  You are, also, entitled to a free credit report analysis.  You may qualify for substantial financial damages.

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As a leading national consumer-protection law firm, Consumer Attorneys offers New Jersey residents more than 10 years of consumer-protection experience.  Our attorneys' efforts have secured more than $100 million in monetary recoveries for our clients.  It's all about upholding the FCRA guidelines with evidence-based, expert-led, solutions-driven commitment.

From New Jersey to California, our FCRA lawyer teams help consumers restore their good names, their reputations, and their credit standings that may have been negatively impacted by one or more parties' actions.  Consumer Attorneys represents the interests of consumers, nationwide, in state and federal courts.

Consumer Attorneys is featured in a variety of prominent media outlets including 1) Super Lawyers 2) CR Consumer Reports 3) Bankrate 4) The New York Times 5) Daily News 6) Reuters and 7) Law Street.  Super Lawyers, for instance, has a long-standing reputation for excellence and includes only qualified lawyers who have been chosen from a select pool of candidates – candidates who have been peer-reviewed and independently researched.

It's important to know, also, that if your claim is accepted,  you will pay no out-of-pocket fees.  Our FCRA lawyer teams would receive a fee only if they would win, on your behalf!

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