Fix IntelliCorp Background Check Errors

  • Fix IntelliCorp Background Check Errors
04 Apr, 2024
Daniel Cohen
10 min
What to do when intellicorp made a mistake

If Background Check Errors Crushed Your Dreams, Background Check Lawyers Are Your Secret to a Remarkable Comeback!

Background check errors can be a nightmare, jeopardizing life-changing opportunities and resulting in employment rejections. Don't let these mistakes derail your plans. Learn how a background check attorney can be your ally in regaining control and getting your life back on track!

Fix IntelliCorp Background Check Errors

Like credit report errors, background check inaccuracies can significantly impact your future. While many associate IntelliCorp background checks with criminal records, they can influence employment opportunities beyond that. Even without a criminal record, mistakes in an IntelliCorp background check could lead to employment denials. Addressing these errors is crucial, as they can affect your professional prospects and personal standing.

Taking immediate action is vital if errors appear in your IntelliCorp background check. You can rectify inaccuracies by consulting a background check attorney or a consumer protection attorney familiar with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which can be beneficial. These legal professionals navigate complexities, ensuring IntelliCorp complies with FCRA regulations and protects your rights. Timely resolution is critical to minimizing negative impacts on your professional opportunities.

Applicants often wonder about IntelliCorp and how background check processes go, seeking clarity on the thoroughness and accuracy of the screening procedures.

We'll guide you through the IntelliCorp background check process, explain why errors occur, provide steps for correction, and demonstrate how seeking legal guidance can empower you.

About IntelliCorp Company

Is IntelliCorp a legitimate background check company? Yes. IntelliCorp is a consumer reporting agency and a subsidiary of Cisive company, specializing in IntelliCorp Inc. background check services and packages, including pre-employment/volunteer, healthcare, and tenant screenings. 

How Does IntelliCorp Conduct Background Checks?

If you've ever had a background check by IntelliCorp, you may wonder about the process. IntelliCorp accesses records from different sources with the hope that they supply employers with accurate and up-to-date data.

In choosing IntelliCorp for background checks, thorough research and IntelliCorp background check reviews are advisable. This approach ensures an informed decision based on specific requirements and considerations.

How Long Does a Background Check from IntelliCorp Take?

Have you ever wondered about an IntelliCorp background check and how long it takes? IntelliCorp time for background checks varies. Usually, turnaround times vary depending on the check's scope and the availability of IntelliCorp records. Typically, it takes 3-5 business days.

What Information Does IntelliCorp Provide in Their Background Checks?

IntelliCorp includes a variety of information in their background checks, including:

  • Personal data 
  • Employment history
  • Education verification
  • Criminal records 
  • Credit history 
  • Driver's license information 

So, remember, if you ask, "How long does it take to get a background check done by IntelliCorp, or what information is included in the report?" You can call IntelliCorp to ask questions and request an IntelliCorp background check sample if one is available to view. 

IntelliCorp Criminal Background Check

IntelliCorp's criminal background check system employs advanced technology and comprehensive databases, sourcing information from various channels. Adhering to Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines for employment, IntelliCorp is supposed to exclude using arrests or sealed/expunged records unless directly job-related. 

Their checks encompass multi-state criminal databases, nationwide sex offender databases, county and multi-state department of correction databases, and statewide databases, as well as a formal last name search and federal and government sanctions, among other sources. 

IntelliCorp Background Check for Employment

According to the FCRA, since an IntelliCorp background screening helps determine if you are eligible for credit, insurance, employment, or any other opportunity, it includes information "bearing on your creditworthiness" and is considered to be a "consumer reporting agency (CRA)."

Since a background company like IntelliCorp is considered a CRA, it has to follow specific procedures that maximize accuracy regarding the reporting of your information. If IntelliCorp does not follow the law, it can find itself in another IntelliCorp class action lawsuit. You should know your rights and the procedures IntelliCorp must follow.

Under the FCRA, here are some of the procedures that IntelliCorp must follow:

  • IntelliCorp must provide you with information about the FCRA
  • Honor the rights of applicants and employees
  • Get your authorization before running a background check
  • Investigate and respond to information disputes within 30 days
  • Correct errors

What Are the Consumers' Rights Regarding Their Background Check?

Consumers have rights when it comes to IntelliCorp background checks under the FCRA. Employers must receive your written consent before conducting the check. You can request the IntelliCorp background check disclosure and have the right to refuse the check, although it may impact job prospects. 

Your FCRA rights include:

  • Consent to the background check
  • Receive a duplicate report
  • Be informed about specific information leading to denial
  • Challenge inaccurate information
  • Have errors investigated and corrected
  • File a lawsuit, if necessary
  • Receive compensation if harmed

Which Companies Use IntelliCorp for Background Checks?

Many industry leaders and well-established organizations rely on IntelliCorp employee background check services. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, IntelliCorp's client base spans several industries.

What Do Companies Use IntelliCorp Background Checks For?

Organizations use IntelliCorp's background checks to gain valuable insights into potential candidates' backgrounds, enabling more informed hiring decisions. 

Here are some of the reasons why a company might use IntelliCorp's background checks:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Tenant screening
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Licensing and certification verification
  • Loss prevention

Remember, you may request an IntelliCorp criminal background check disclosure if you have questions before your background screening.

Can Errors Occur in Background Checks from IntelliCorp?

Yes! Errors occur in background checks from IntelliCorp. A background check error is a mistake made with respect to the information reported in a background check. 

Background check errors are common, with up to one-third of consumers discovering inaccuracies in their consumer reports. These errors can result from human mistakes, data discrepancies, and outdated records. You must know your rights as a consumer harmed by background check inaccuracies. 

Seeking assistance from attorneys can be valuable in navigating the process of correcting and resolving issues arising from IntelliCorp background checks for employment. As a consumer, you have rights, and seeking legal support can be crucial to uphold those rights.

What Causes Errors in Background Checks?

Errors in IntelliCorp background checks can stem from various sources, including inaccurate information provided by individuals or previous employers, identity theft, human error in data entry, reliance on incomplete or outdated information, and inadequate review and reporting protocols, including an over-reliance on algorithms doing the gathering and sorting instead of people. Understanding these causes is crucial for individuals and organizations to take proactive measures to minimize inaccuracies.

Main Types of Errors

Unfortunately, background check errors can occur for many reasons that are out of your control.

Some common background check errors include:

  • Swapping the digits of the social security number
  • Inaccurate or incomplete data in original documents
  • Errors in criminal records
  • Outdated information that needs expungement
  • Misidentification, resulting in another person's criminal record appearing on your background check
  • Occurrences of crimes committed by someone else using your identity showing up on your background check
  • Data mix-up, causing the details of another individual to appear on your background check
  • How Often Do Errors Occur in Background Checks from IntelliCorp?

Research has determined that up to one-third of consumers discover errors in their consumer reports, including background check reports. Be careful when filling out criminal background check forms from IntelliCorp. Pay attention to the information you enter. Be diligent in reviewing your report and understanding the reasons why you were denied the opportunity you applied for. Confirm that the information relied upon is accurate and reportable (within the window of reportable information under the law).

Remember, no background checking company's system is flawless. And the reality is that errors do happen. When errors occur, you can seek legal assistance from a background check attorney or a consumer protection attorney well-versed in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), like those at Consumer Attorneys. 

What are the Consequences of Having Errors in Your Background Check Report?

Errors in a background check report can lead to significant consequences, impacting your personal and professional life. The IntelliCorp class action lawsuit serves as a reminder of the potential harm caused by erroneous background check information. Individuals facing inaccuracies should take proactive steps to review, dispute, and correct their reports, seeking legal assistance if necessary.

You Can Contact IntelliCorp if You Need to Correct Errors in the Background Report

If errors are discovered in an IntelliCorp background report, individuals are encouraged to contact IntelliCorp directly for prompt resolution. 

What to Do if You Do Not Receive Answers to Your Questions on the Background Report

Suppose you still need answers to your questions on a background report from IntelliCorp. In that case, you can dispute the inaccurate information with the screening company by filing a written dispute. We recommend filing your dispute via certified mail rather than using an online dispute platform. The latter can significantly alter your legal rights. (Call us to learn more.) However, in cases where direct communication does not suffice or you do not get an adequate or timely response to your dispute, seek legal advice from an FCRA attorney if you haven’t done so already.

You Can Sue IntelliCorp if Your Report Contains Errors 

If you're experiencing background check problems with IntelliCorp, you may have legal recourse. While each case is unique, consulting with a background check attorney specializing in consumer protection can help determine the validity of pursuing legal action. Holding companies accountable for errors ensures fair and accurate information in background checks. According to the FTC and the FCRA, you have a legal right to take action if you believe IntelliCorp violated your rights.

Who Can You Contact to Solve the Problem with an Error in the Background Report from IntelliCorp?

Addressing errors in a background report from IntelliCorp involves contacting the company directly. However, the reality is that sometimes you're unable to get the help and accountability you deserve from background check companies. In this case, you have additional options if you believe IntelliCorp sabotaged your chances of being hired due to errors in their background checks. 

Your best option is to contact a consumer protection lawyer as soon as you discover that you’ve lost out on an opportunity due to errors in your background check report or if you’ve tried to dispute the error to no avail. 

Assistance in Disputing IntelliCorp Background Report

In situations requiring the dispute of an IntelliCorp background report, you have rights. You certainly would not be the first person to file a lawsuit against IntelliCorp since many people have brought IntelliCorp background check lawsuits against the company.

If you have questions about IntelliCorp background check problems and the lack of care in your case, you should immediately take action! Consumer Attorneys have worked with thousands of clients and can provide you with a free case review and consultation.

Lawsuits against IntelliCorp 

In numerous cases, clients encountered inaccuracies in their background reports, prompting them to file an IntelliCorp lawsuit due to errors. We aided them in addressing and correcting these issues, not only ensuring precise credit reporting but also securing significant compensation for the difficulties they faced.

Rashid K. v. IntelliCorp (Oregon)

Imagine working hard, building your skills, and finally landing your dream job. Then, bam! A single mistake on your IntelliCorp report rips everything away. That's what happened to Rashid. He was denied a job and labeled a criminal, doors slamming shut in his face.

Rashid didn't give up. He reached out to us, and together, we fought for justice. Ultimately, Rashid emerged victorious, his name cleared and his future secured.

You don't have to suffer silently. You have rights! If IntelliCorp's mistakes have wronged you, let us help you navigate the legal system and reclaim your future.

You Have Options 

Having errors on your background report can be scary and life-changing. But the good news is you don't have to fight IntelliCorp alone! 

Email us at, fill out the online intake form, or chat with us LIVE via our virtual chat feature on our website. We want to help you get the justice you deserve!


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