CrossCheck Credit Report Errors. You Could Sue for Damages

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  • CrossCheck Credit Report Errors. You Could Sue for Damages
12 Jun, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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You are having problems with checks due to a CrossCheck error

CrossCheck errors can cause problems with checks. Consumer Attorneys can help you fix them.

Discover the legal recourse available if your check was denied, as Consumer Attorneys highlights potential grounds for a lawsuit against CrossCheck. Learn about the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and your rights to financial compensation if CrossCheck violated them. While CrossCheck doesn't have the authority to dictate check approval, errors in credit reports, managed by CrossCheck as a credit reporting agency, can lead to denials. Explore the steps to address false information, including filing disputes and pursuing legal action if necessary.

When you use checks as payment at any given business, the information that supports those checks becomes embedded in huge database systems. Check verification services/credit reporting agencies such as CrossCheck use the information in those database systems. CrossCheck, like all check verification services, partners with merchants or other businesses who want consumers' checks to be scrutinized for their integrity.

Two things occur when a consumer uses a check as payment: 1) the check verification service verifies the legitimacy of the check and 2) the check verification service may authenticate the check account holder’s history. This ensures that potentially closed accounts, fraud, and other concerns are discovered before a check is accepted.

Was Your Check Denied? You May Be Able to Sue

The denial of a check, in and of itself, does not constitute a lawsuit. Rather, it is the reasons behind the denial that can raise legal concerns. If CrossCheck violated your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you have the right to sue, which would include the pursuit of financial compensations – enter Consumer Attorneys

If your check was denied, you might wonder, “Why?” As part of CrossChecks' compliance with the FCRA, CrossCheck does not have the legal authority to tell a merchant it should deny or approve a check-cashing transaction. It is the merchant that has the final say whether or not a check will be cashed.

But the bottom line remains: what caused the check's denial? CrossCheck's role as a credit reporting agency means it operates in an arena with a reputation for errors embedded in consumers' credit reports. If your check was denied, it could be due to false information on your CrossCheck credit report.

Errors on these types of reports cover the spectrum, from files with identical names mistakenly merged and outdated information to identity theft and incorrect criminal background checks.

If false information is on your CrossCheck's credit report, you could experience a credit score drop. That alone could lead to the denial of opening a new line of credit, being rejected for a mortgage or car loan, and more. False and damaging information should be remedied as quickly as possible, and Consumer Attorneys is here to help!

If you filed a dispute with CrossCheck and they failed to correct errors on your credit report in a timely or responsible manner in accordance with FCRA guidelines, you have the right to sue!

To contact CrossCheck Inc.:

  • Address: PO Box 6008 – Petaluma, CA  94955-6008
  • Phone: 888-843-0760
  • Website:

You Want Justice – You Need Consumer Attorneys!

If your check was denied, you have the right via the FCRA to request a free copy of your CrossCheck credit report. Through Consumer Attorneys, our legal professionals fight for maximized financial compensations when consumers' efforts to initiate disputes with CrossCheck are ignored or handled inappropriately and when CrossCheck does not abide by FCRA mandates.

Consumer Attorneys serves consumers nationwide and represents them in state and federal courts.  We will connect you with a lawyer nearby who will assess your situation as part of a free case review. You can also take advantage of a free credit report analysis. Your situation's circumstances may entitle you to financial compensations.

As a leading national consumer protection law firm, Consumer Attorneys offers its clients more than 10 years of consumer protection expertise. Our lawyers' efforts have secured more than $100 million in monetary recoveries for our clients.

Also, as a Consumer Attorneys client, you pay no out-of-pocket fees. Our legal teams receive a fee only if they win on their clients' behalf!  We're ready to become your powerful ally and advocate!

Your Advocate in Consumer Law: Protecting Your Rights

When it comes to consumer law matters, having a skilled and dedicated legal team on your side can make all the difference. At our esteemed law firm, we have been serving clients for over a decade, with a track record of more than 10,000 satisfied individuals and substantial financial recoveries exceeding millions of dollars. As your trusted consumer law attorneys, we are here to help you navigate through challenges involving debt collectors, biographical data verification companies, credit reporting agencies, and any associated errors that may arise. Our commitment to client empowerment is reflected in our free services, ensuring that you receive the assistance you need without any financial burden. Don't hesitate—take the first step and contact us today to safeguard your consumer rights.

If your credit report with CrossCheck includes damaging errors or if your errors have not been rectified after a proper dispute, Consumer Attorneys will inform you of your next move! 

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