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26 Apr, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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Everything You Need to Know about Carco Group Background Checks – Consumer Attorneys!

Discovering errors in your Carco Group background check can be life-changing. That’s why our team is equipped to assist you every step of the way. Whether it's disputing erroneous information or seeking clarification, we have the knowledge to help you resolve the issue promptly. Continue reading to learn how Consumer Attorneys can assist you.

Carco Group (Carco) has been around since 1977, and is known for its mobile technology that helps prevent auto fraud. Carco also provides pre-insurance inspections, motor vehicle records (MVR), and criminal background monitoring. Additionally, over the years, Carco has become a trusted name in background checks and verification services. Continue reading to discover more about Carco Group, what to do if you experience a Carco Group background check error, and how a consumer law firm can help you!

About Carco Group

Around 2017 Carco Group changed its name to Cisive. In this article, we will refer to Carco as both names. Carco’s platform and services help companies by reducing risk, preventing fraud, and conducting background checks on potential employees.  

Carco Group Background Check: What It Is?

Carco Group is considered to be the parent company of Cisive. Cisive’s background checks include a screening that checks backgrounds and motor vehicle records (MVR) of potential employees, especially in the ride-sharing space. Nevertheless, background checks, in general, will usually check a person's criminal history, financial records, work history, and educational background. The aim is that through the Carco background check process, any problems that could make the candidate a liability in the position may emerge and help the employer make an informed hiring decision. 

Does Carco Group Do Background Checks?

Carco performs background checks for several employers, mostly under Cisive. It is crucial for companies to perform these inspections, as they are instrumental in evaluating the qualifications, past activities, and reliability of job seekers.

Whose Background Does Carco Group check?

Carco carries out background checks on various people, including job-seekers, employees, and contractors. Their services are preferred by businesses in different industries, e.g., finance, healthcare, transportation, and retail.

Who Does Carco Group Use for Background Checks?

Carco Group uses a range of resources and databases to obtain data for use in the background checks. This could entail accessing records of crime or connecting to former employers and institutions for education.

Is It Safe for Me?

Generally speaking, background checks with companies like Carco or Cisive are secure. Nevertheless, consumers should cautiously consider their rights and privacy before undergoing a background check. If your consent is not given or you experience a failed Carco background check due to errors, you should contact a consumer law firm to dispute the mistakes.

When Does Carco Group Do Background Checks?

Background checks are typically performed by Carco after it is requested by an employer as part of the pre screening process that occurs before an employee is hired for a job.

Can You Drive for Carco Group Without a Background Check?

Carco Group is a company that provides extensive MVR, fraud prevention, and background screening services. Therefore, it is not likely anyone can drive for the company prior to being properly screened.

What Does Carco Group Look for in a Background Check?

Carco examines several factors before an applicant is hired, including the following:

1. Criminal history

2. Credit reports

3. Driving records

4. Employment history

5. Educational background

6. Sex offender registry

By assessing these aspects, Carco aims to identify any potential risks or red flags that could impact the candidate's suitability for the role.

Driving History

Carco evaluates MVRs including the review of traffic citations, accidents, and any other occurrences that might impair a driver’s capacity to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Carco Group Criminal Background Check

Carco Group performs criminal background checks with the aim of exposing any prior criminal behavior that might jeopardize the organization or its customers, including a thorough examination of convictions and other applicable data.

How Far Back Do Carco Group Background Checks Go?

Background checks usually incorporate information over a 7 to 10-year period. The exact number of years is dictated by the information needed.

How Does Carco Group Interpret What They Find in Background Checks?

Carco Group simply collects the background data on applicants. After collecting the data, Carco compiles it into a report that is delivered to the client (your employer). The employer will interpret the data and make hiring decisions based on their own criteria

Carco Group Background Check: How Long Does It Take?

The time it takes for Carco Group background checks to be completed can differ. Factors like the intricacy of the background check, data availability, and specific requirements may cause variations in the completion of a screening. 

How Long Do Carco Group Background Checks Usually Take?

Typically, Carco group background check times are a few days (2-5), but can sometimes take up to several weeks depending on the circumstances. (See below for more detail.)

Why Is Carco Group Background Check Taking So Long?

Delays in the background check process can be attributed to a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, incomplete information, difficulty verifying employment or education history, and backlogs in accessing certain databases. Check out some of the reasons for delays below.

Incomplete application

Incomplete information from a candidate can adversely impact the Carco Group background check process. When  individuals do not disclose accurate personal information, for example the name, date of birth, social security number, etc., they may delay the verification operation.

Background Complexity

The complexity of the background check can also prolong the results. For instance, if you are simply having a reference check done, that may take a significantly less amount of time than if you are having a full background check including criminal records, driving history, educational records verification, and so on.

Third-Party Delays

Third-party verification delays can delay background checks. For instance, slow response periods from employers, educational organizations, or government bodies could lead to the process being delayed.

Different Statuses of Carco Group Background Checks

Every company has different statuses for their background check assessments and may refer to each by different names. The first thing you will notice about your Carco group insurance check is that it will render either a match found or no match found result. Match found means they have received your report and sent it to an insurance company, whereas no match found means they were not able to process a report for you.

On the other hand, background check results generally provide results that can be pending, incomplete, complete, or many other statuses, depending on what the company uses. Therefore, a Carco background check status may vary.

What Each Carco Group Status Means

Generally, each background check company has various status updates depending on which step you are on in the background screening process. The following are some of the statutes you may find as part of the screening process at Carco or Cisive as well as other screening companies. Please be advised that this list can and often does change.


A pending status typically means your screening is in progress, and the background check company is working with data furnishers and third parties to supply them with your information. Below are some examples of the status updates that employers will be privy to during candidates’ criminal background checks. Both candidates and employers will receive the final report.

  • Candidate information
  • Initial search
  • Initial report
  • Final report 


If your background check status is incomplete, it likely means you did not provide all of the information required to complete the check. There could be missing addresses, or your date of birth may be left off the application.


A complete status typically means your screening is complete and your employer has received the results or will be receiving the results soon. Also, at this time you should be able to access your screening results.

How to Check the Status of Your Carco Group Background Check

You should be able to get status updates online if you are given login credentials for Carco’s portal. You can also reach out to the employer or organization who requested the check.

Carco Group Says My Background Check Needs Attention

If Carco Group notifies you that your background check needs attention, it likely means there may be additional information needed or that there are some inconsistencies requiring further explanation. 

Carco Group Background Check Suspended. What It Means

A suspended screening usually means there is a delay in processing your application caused by anything from technical issues to the need for you to supply additional documents.

Carco Group Background Check Problems

Carco background check problems often occur for a variety of reasons including human errors, inaccuracies in the data provided, or challenges in getting the required records. One of the biggest issues we see with background checks are errors.

Why Am I Deactivated for My Background Check in Carco Group?

Being deactivated usually means there’s an issue that must be addressed before the company will continue with the screening. This could be something like incomplete information or compliance concerns that must be addressed. 

How to Dispute Carco Group Rejected Background Check

Begin the dispute process by asking for a full report. Search the report for mistakes. Then, collect documents to substantiate your standpoint. Next, get in touch with Carco to start the dispute process. It’s best to dispute via certified mail in order to retain most of your rights.

Why You Should Dispute a Rejected Background Check

Challenging a rejected background check for errors is important because you have a legal right to contest errors and to have them fixed! Failing to dispute errors could cause you to miss out on opportunities that you deserve. 

The Chances of Carco Group’s Decision Reversed

If you are able to successfully dispute errors, the decision of the employer may not be reversed, but by law the background company must remove the errors and will be held accountable. Please note that employers, not Carco, make hiring decisions based on screening results. If an employer makes a hiring decision based on the results of a screening that contains errors, the law recognizes that the hiring decision was made in good faith.

Who Can Help You with Disputing?

Individuals interested in challenging a failed Carco background check should seek assistance from a background check attorney for support. The lawyers at Consumer Attorneys can offer insights for disputing errors.

Lawsuits against Background Check Companies because of Carco Group

Falsely Accused of a Felony Case

Our client suffered due to false reporting under the FCRA, which wrongly labeled them as a first-degree rapist and felon, costing them a job opportunity. We secured a substantial settlement for our client and have a proven track record of helping others recover millions in similar cases. Contact us for assistance.

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